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It’s not always about photoshop…

I put up a post about a week ago in regards to people and companies photoshopping and filtering photos to death. I have also recently seen a few more of the "photoshop" videos come out about why have ridiculous expectations of beauty and it essentially blames photoshop for that. Videos in Question Now... I completely… Continue reading It’s not always about photoshop…

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June Ipsy Unboxing | Swim into Beauty

Hey ladies, gents, elves, unicorns, and fruit bats! <--- obviously I need more caffeine this morning. I am hoping to be seriously back in action this week with lots of individual product reviews and make up tutorials.  Leave me a comment on whether or not you prefer the unboxing or detailed reviews 🙂 What is… Continue reading June Ipsy Unboxing | Swim into Beauty

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Some of my Recent Purchases!

I have been loving the dollar store lately! There have been so many great finds at DollarTree and Dollarama 🙂 Also find out what I finally caved and bought! I have also been thinking about going to Genbeauty! What does everyone think? Shall I make the trip?! Connect with me : Twitter Facebook Instagram Youtube

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Inspiring Quotes and Statements about Beauty

I am lacking today, I know it's going to be a long late day and I am going to want to fight my way through the online queues to order my new Erin Condren planner with the amazing rose gold and horizontal view at some point in the day. I had a rough day at… Continue reading Inspiring Quotes and Statements about Beauty


My Interview with Jaclyn Baker

I was recently interviewed by a fellow beauty youtuber over at HangingoutwithJaclyn. We did it over skype and it was a pretty cool experience. Please check out her channel and you can view our interview below. Don't forget to follow like or subscribe! I always appreciate the support. Thanks for your time Jaclyn! Contact me! Twitter… Continue reading My Interview with Jaclyn Baker

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China Glaze | Good Vibes

I love winners. I find so many great things there when I am not expecting it. For those of you who don't know what Winner's is, its a discount store that carries name brands, everything you can think of really. Today I picked up a three pack of the new China Glaze Good Vibes Collection.… Continue reading China Glaze | Good Vibes

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The Eyeshadow Tag

I would like to thank Kaily Baute for tagging me to do this post. I was reading her blog and the whole time thinking "damn this would be a perfect post for me" when BAM I was the first one on her tag list! The Rules: Tag 3 bloggers to answer these same questions. Those… Continue reading The Eyeshadow Tag