July Beauty Favourites

Morning everyone and a happy final day of July to you all! I am happy to have been able to get a few more posts out this week over last week. This summer has literally been so busy I can't even keep up. Legit Chaos and not even the fun kind. Take a look below… Continue reading July Beauty Favourites

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Planned Purchases for VIB Rouge Sale

I know what I want. This is something I have always known about myself.  So when I got the e-mail to go to the VIB event, I obviously had to start compiling my list of must haves.  If you haven't been to a Rouge event basically they shut down the store for the VIB/VIB Rouge… Continue reading Planned Purchases for VIB Rouge Sale

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Beauty Blogger Award | Nominated by FiveZero

Good lord my lady I am so sorry this took so long to get to! The lovely FiveZero nominated me for a few awards a little while back and I am just now getting around to writing them. SO LET'S DO THIS. Rules for the Beauty Blogger Award State the name of the blogger who… Continue reading Beauty Blogger Award | Nominated by FiveZero


$20 Makeup Challenge | HelloKaily

Oh man guys, I never thought I would be able to make this challenge happen, but I did it. It also took me five days to edit it because iMovie kept deleting the video and the footage, or just decide that it couldn't be shared etc. Damn you iMovie and your uncooperative ways. I hate… Continue reading $20 Makeup Challenge | HelloKaily


July Ipsy Unbagging | Summer Lovin

Hey guys! I really loved my bag this month, such amazing products. Check out my video of all my goodies from this months Ipsy. I am a bit weird in this video I was under sleeped! AH!


Alright, I Have a Crafty Confession

I have never been one to be a crafty type person, and my motto has always been if I can buy it, I will. Why craft it? That would take so much time and I could just pay someone to do it for me and be so free!  I have always been a planner junkie.… Continue reading Alright, I Have a Crafty Confession

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Not such a Flare’y Tale after all…

I recently did a post about products I regret buying, and in the video I mention that there are products that don't make it into the video because I have already returned them. So, we have a new addition to that particular family. I picked up Velour lashes since they started selling them at Sephora… Continue reading Not such a Flare’y Tale after all…


Hard Candy Natural Eyes Review

Hi Guys! If you didn't see the original post where I was so dramatically reviewing the Hard Candy Sassy Eyes palette well let me just take you there now. I had purchased both versions of the palette and was happy to be able to review both positively. Especially after the brutal experience I had with… Continue reading Hard Candy Natural Eyes Review

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Hard Candy |Sassy Eyes | Review & Swatches

Wondering myself down the makeup aisles at Walmart. I spot it. It's new, it has a shiny "NEW LOOK INSIDE" sticker on it. I am intrigued. Hard Candy has done me wrong in the past. So wrong. I have bought from them before and they have hurt me. Hurt me real bad. Tiki.. you lied… Continue reading Hard Candy |Sassy Eyes | Review & Swatches

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Products I Regret Buying | Youtube

This one is for you Kaily... I had this video idea written down for awhile, but I am so partial to my collection I have always had a hard time sitting down to film it, because of my guilt in knowing one of my babies would know how I really felt about it. Check out… Continue reading Products I Regret Buying | Youtube