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Hi guys! Blog and Youtube life has been taking a back seat for me lately. I miss putting the fingers to the keys almost daily but my time management skills have been failing me over the last three days.

Friday marked my first debut into the television word (being on it that is). I was asked to do an interview on a local cable affiliate to discuss blogging, product testing and promotion through social media. It was a very interesting experience and completely different from sitting alone in my bathroom or hallway and filming a tutorial or review. I was more than grateful for the opportunity.

Saturday was another one of the hundred events going on this summer so I was prepping for a Jack & Jill most of the day. Before that I was sitting in a hairdressers chair ringing my hands because I HATE getting my hair done for events. (It was the hair trial for my girlfriends wedding, we aren’t so fancy that we get our hair did’ for a Jack and Jill).

I always lack inspiration when it comes to hair. It’s just sort of there and never changes my look much. As long as I have hair, it’s long and black, there isn’t much that blows my skirt up. So in the spirit of getting inspired here are some of the looks I might try out.

What do you think? Cast your vote in the comments! What are your favourite looks for a wedding?

Option #1
Option # 2
Option #3
Option # 4
Option # 5

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9 thoughts on “Bridesmaid Hair-spiration”

  1. I love the first look 😀 It would look gorgeous on you ❤ That's so cool that you were interviewed on TV! Keep up the great work 🙂

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  2. With one or five they r close and think u would look gorgeous. Congrats On the tv interview. That’s is really neat. Ur a tv star now. Lol just aging around. But really happy for u. I think h will look beautiful whatever u decide on ur hair. U r already very pretty. So they don’t have to go far. So enjoy the blog. Thanks so much.


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