I’m a Classic Woman

This is a good one! Rings true of my rantiness lately!

Oh Wize One


This post is more of a picture story inspired by a comment made about my hair color. I was sitting in a meeting at work and my coworker said “I never thought someone as sophisticated as you would wear purple hair!”


I took offense to his comment because my hair color doesn’t change my sophistication level. I work in the tech world. Our employee handbook basically says don’t show up naked.

As a woman showing your creativity through your appearance is always seen as a novelty. I think some people feel more comfortable if you always look the same.

One of the great aspects of being a woman is the constant reinvention of ourselves. We have the ability to carry more than one role. I can be both creative and professional. My coworker will just need to gain some tact.

Where did terms like “classically beautiful” or “beauty standard” derive from?…

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3 thoughts on “I’m a Classic Woman”

  1. And once again women are known for how they look and not what they do or achieve. That was a very good post and it seems that women all over are echoing these same sentiments. One of these days (I so wish in my time) we’ll reach a positive change in the world of beauty because as it stands right now we are so dysfunctional.

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      1. Yeah, it’s a shame that we are so afraid to stand on our own beliefs and be ourselves. I think part of the problem is rampant judgment and lack of humanity and simple kindness. We tend to place a lot of blame on men but most times as women, we are our own worst enemies. So what if someone wants to wear “too” much makeup or another no makeup at all. These things have little to do with our character. I think we have to remember that opinions are not based on facts but I so enjoy listening/reading posts like yours that challenges the negative connotations associated with beauty. Keep up the good work!!

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