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Hard Candy |Sassy Eyes | Review & Swatches

Wondering myself down the makeup aisles at Walmart. I spot it. It’s new, it has a shiny “NEW LOOK INSIDE” sticker on it.

I am intrigued.IMG_1389 copy

Hard Candy has done me wrong in the past. So wrong. I have bought from them before and they have hurt me. Hurt me real bad. Tiki.. you lied to me. You were never the best highlight to ever happen to me like so many promised. This time will be different, it has to be different…

So I bought it, I blew the $7.99 at Walmart and just made it happen. I chose to trust again. I picked up the Hard Candy Sassy Eyes.

It wasn’t a bad decision. The layout is identical to that of a Too Faced palette that ranges around $45. Three large neutral base shades and 6 more shades to complete the look. It also comes in a similar tin (albeit slightly bigger), and the similar instruction booklet. IMG_1393
IMG_1392For those of us new to the makeup game I can always appreciate some direction on where to go with the palette or item I have purchased. Realistically even if I do know what I am doing I still look to them sometimes for inspiration. It’s a feature that I love.

All shades are cool toned purple and look fabu in the pan. I love purple shades because they work well for my eye colour (green/hazel) and they are a great way to incorporate colour without going totally overboard or being overly flashy.

IMG_1397 copyAll the shades are swatched with no primer, and are one swipe. The darkest shade in the palette which is the top swatch is a little bit gritty and not as nice of an application as the rest of the shades. There is only one matte shade out of the whole palette but it is a cool toned grey brown which is perfect for me as a transition shade. The rest of the shades are shimmer and are totally worth it!

If you are looking for a drugstore palette this is definitly a recommendation from me! Thank you Hard Candy for not disappointing me once again!

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12 thoughts on “Hard Candy |Sassy Eyes | Review & Swatches”

  1. I am so glad u like it. I have this one and the Natural eyes one. I also have one if the blushes that’s all pink it was by the ombré ones. I love it. It has a sheen to it. I am finding more of Hard Candy that I like and seeing more reviews. Can’t wait for ur video. Thanks so much.

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    1. Also I saw a post from someone from Canada that got one of the LE two toned heart shaped blushes. They were doing a special throwback to some of their products they no longer make. I wanted them so bad. But only certain Walmart stores got them. If u see them u might check it out. The one I saw looked good. I just wish I could have gotten them in my area. Had cute nail polishes too.

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