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Not such a Flare’y Tale after all…

I recently did a post about products I regret buying, and in the video I mention that there are products that don’t make it into the video because I have already returned them. So, we have a new addition to that particular family.

I picked up Velour lashes since they started selling them at Sephora recently. These lashes are all the rage in the Youtube community at the moment. Everyone has been talking about them for just over a year I believe. Although expensive at $26 you are supposed to be able to wear them up to 20 times. flarey tale2

I purchased the flare’y tale lashes, and let’s preface this review by saying that my lash game has been pretty strong lately, so this is not coming from a land of total inexperience in the lash department.

The Cons: The band is SO THICK that I couldn’t even get the glue to stick it to my eyelid. I attempted three different applications with different variations of glue amounts and dry times and every single attempt was a huge fail. The band is long and black and is barely pliable.

The lashes also stick straight out. I mean… my lashes are rarely at a salute but come on, even mine were curled more than these. To the point where you could see a visible s[ace between my lashes and the falsies. What are you supposed to keep in that space? Extra mayo for a sandwich later in the day? Look Velour, I just wasn’t looking for an additional storage solution housed on my eyelid. Essentially, they looked ill applied no matter how much I struggled. Flarey Tale

The Pros: The wear. If you can get these to work for you (which some people must have) it’s amazing to be able to wearing them so many times. If you do the math, it’s a dollar a wear, which you really can’t go wrong with.

I did like the feel of these lashes as well, the hairs were soft and the lash truly felt like good quality material and expensive. (if you are into that) I have noticed with my recent experience with falsies, that the cheaper lashes feel rubbery and you truly don’t get that issue with these, they feel like your own. Soft and supple.

Unfortunately for me I had to touch them in the package for the few days I had them. Back to the store with you and I will be taking that $26 + tax right back into my account.

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