Alright, I Have a Crafty Confession

I have never been one to be a crafty type person, and my motto has always been if I can buy it, I will. Why craft it? That would take so much time and I could just pay someone to do it for me and be so free! 

I have always been a planner junkie. I love agendas, calendars and to do lists. I don’t know why but any time I am writing down notes or making plans in a notebook I feel complete.

The day that released their new life planners was probably the highlight of my summer, in all their rose gold glory.

I purchased the new 18 month planner with the rose gold ready to ship option and it’s just beautiful. IMG_1399

I also love planner stickers and decorating the planner like it’s my full time job! After purchasing about ten sheets of stickers off of Etsy, which don’t get me wrong were amazing, and thank you so much to HelloAshleyAnn and PlannerKate for sending those out to me! They were great!

I realized it was crazy for me to pay all kinds of money for these things when realistically I could absolutely make them myself, design what I liked and be able to cut and print myself!

So I obviously ran out and bought a Silhouette Cameo because it was a life or death purchase. IMG_1398This is basically a cutting machine, and will do kiss cuts for stickers that are printed with registration marks right from your home printer. (I used staple full sheet label paper, I find it works the best)

So since then I have been printing insane amounts of stickers and doing all kinds of crazy layouts and collecting all the washi tapes,I thought I would share some of my planner junkie layouts and collections. I know this is out of the ordinary but sometimes I like to let you guys get to know me!

Washi Tape and Punches

IMG_1404 IMG_1406 
IMG_1407I am absolutely still figuring out what I like and don’t like about these layouts, ie- the work page flags are too big for my liking, but I am definitly working on it.

Other planner addicts and silhouette users, would you be interested in a weekly sticker upload? For free obviously!

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22 thoughts on “Alright, I Have a Crafty Confession”

  1. Stop the presses! You are reaching into my crafting Janet soul!!! I have been dying to get the cameo but since my computer broke I have no idea how I would use it Lolol. I love scrap booking and card making and love seeing this craft side of you 😻 I hope to get the Cameo soon because every time I watch a you tube of it I fall more in love. It does everything I need and want xoxo Janet

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      1. I’ve missed you too and yes! You should do you tubes on how to use the cameo and what you create. I know I love watching those types of videos 😃 at night I watch crafting hauls more than makeup hauls and drool and dream of everything. I love when the holidays come up because of the stuff that goes on sale ❤️ I will definitely keep an eye out for cheap punches for you because those are some of my favorites especially during the holidays to send cards. I find it very relaxing and fun to mail out homemade cards and now with your amazing cameo I can’t wait to see what you create 😘

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      2. I found the small punches in the washi picture at the dollar store. dollar tree and dollarama are actually life. I also just ordered a huge bunch of 60 washi from eBay for like $14 I can’t wait for it to show up!

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      3. Omggg jealous! I swear my first love will always be crafting with makeup second and nothing like a good crafting find to make my heart flutter. You should definitely see if they have crafting conventions near you. My favorites are the scrap booking ones where you can find amazing deals!! I have yet to find someone near me to go with me but I still enjoy going by myself because you get great ideas 😃

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  2. Hey sweets. My daughter literally just purchased an ErinCondren planner and received it on Wednesday. I thought she was nuts for paying $60 for this planner until I saw it. My daughter is about to be a senior in college and really benefits from planners. This planner is amazing, plus she got her name put on it. I love that you have put all of the “extras” into it. Have a great weekend.

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