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Planned Purchases for VIB Rouge Sale

I know what I want. This is something I have always known about myself.  So when I got the e-mail to go to the VIB event, I obviously had to start compiling my list of must haves. 

If you haven’t been to a Rouge event basically they shut down the store for the VIB/VIB Rouge card holders. This event gets you 4X the points and a free goodie bag. Check out my last Rouge haul HERE.

Some of them are pretty lame, but these are what I want to/plan to pick up next Wednesday at our local event.

Disclaimer: I might not actually buy all of these things, they are just what I have my eye on. 

s1724350-main-hero-300Naked Smoky $64

This is one of the first big launches I didn’t immediately run out and pick up. I have actually waited to see what some of my fellow reviewers are having to say about it. It seems like it’s doing well, so I want to pick it up and try it out for myself and give it a run for it’s money. I am very much attracted to the packaging and it’s nakedness.

s1426147-main-hero-300Clarisonic Brush Head Replacements $46

Listen. Sometimes you need to be sensible, and I have had my Clarisonic for awhile now and not changed the head. It needs to happen. Obviously I need to buy the two pack to save myself some money in the long run, right?

s1711936-main-hero-300Too Faced Born This Way Foundation $49

I am not one for high end foundations. When I was cruising around Sephora today I saw this with its frosted glass finish and was intrigued.  I used the tester on the back of my hand and with the smallest dot of product I was able to cover my hand as well as halfway up my arm. With coverage like that I need to try it out!

s1715671-main-hero-300ABH Travelers Palette $39

This is one I am sitting on the fence over. Not because I don’t absolutely love Anastasia because I do, but I have the Tamana, Maya Mia, Lavish and Artist, so this one will have some replicated shades in it. I want it, but I don’t feel it’s truly necessary. What do you think? Take the plunge or forget it? Ugh That blue, that purple, that rose gold!

KVD Metal Eyeshadow in Iggy $25s1711043-main-hero-300

I also ran into this in my wanderings in Sephora today and it is SO different. If I don’t pick up anything else I will definitly be grabbing this. It is literally like metal chrome green and I have nothing else like it in my collection. I can just see so many tutorials for my channel with this colour!

Sephora Sharpener $7.50

s1601004-main-gridI lose sharpeners like I lose hair off my head. I need one, badly. My favourite purple lip liner is down to a painful stump and doesn’t even work anymore because I am literally trying to line my lips with wood. This will be a sweet little cheap lip liner saviour.

Whats on your wish list? Are you going to an event? What is your favourite and least favourite part of being a Rouge?

Tell me all your wishes!

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22 thoughts on “Planned Purchases for VIB Rouge Sale”

  1. I’m excited for Sunday! I will be out of town so I RSVP’d to one I never go to just to get the goodie bag lol. I have pretty boring things on my list, First Aid facial cleanser, a foundation to match my summer color, an eye primer, and maybe a lipstick. Lame I know lol but I am hoping to save money for the holiday stuff coming out. I see so many things I really want I can’t go too crazy just yet 😃 xoxo Janet

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  2. I think that ABH is so pretty and I am looking at the same colors. I don’t have any others. Also the foundation has had some not so good reviews. Everybody loves it when they put it on and looks even better a few minutes after. But after a few hits like 4-( they say it starts breaking down. I have heard also some r breaking out because of then coconut in it. They think. This is what I have heard from just regular ppl on an app with me. If u could get a sample before and be able to wear before the event that might help. It looks really pretty at first and some do get oily looking after several hours. I have seen that one on a person. Just a heads up. Lots have gotten that pallet and it looks very good. Haven’t heard a bad thing at all about it. Hope u have a great shopping trip love free goodie bags. That is great. I don’t have store anywhere near me. Travel for a hour or two. No way.


      1. Everybody’s skin is different I think and some can wear things that others cannot. I think it’s hard to get a perfect review on a face product like that. Because we r different. But we can get close. Not saying anybody can’t get a good review it’s just hard sometimes to match someone else. It may be perfect for u. Thanks so much for responding.

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    1. I would definitely still say go if you want to go for fun, even just to look around, they close the store and have some food and drinks normally. They will also have lots of people there to demo and do makeup etc. Really even if you go and buy something super cheap like a top coat or something you will get the big bag of samples for free anyway. So it wouldn’t be a total bust! It’s a fun girls day/night/morning depending on where you are located. Ours is in the evening.

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