July Beauty Favourites

Morning everyone and a happy final day of July to you all! I am happy to have been able to get a few more posts out this week over last week. This summer has literally been so busy I can’t even keep up. Legit Chaos and not even the fun kind.

Take a look below to check out my July Favourites! It’s a bit different than normal but I hope you enjoy!

1 thought on “July Beauty Favourites”

  1. Very nice video. I enjoyed the outside look. Love to have seen the puppy. I adore dogs. I have the Nume with 5 wands and it’s really nice. Even better I won it. At a time that was not going so good a cpl bad days. Even better to get thru. I love the idea of one handle and different barrels. I’m old and that’s so new when u had the old style of one each and took up so space. I like the case ur r in too. Mine is nice it rolls up. So easy to pack. I think every where we look it’s about highlight. So hard not to want them all in r lives. That Mac one is very pretty. Thanks so much. Oh and that bag to die for.


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