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Some Recent Nail Polish Deals

I seem to be on a week of nail polish. On a recent visit to Marshalls. I picked up some pretty sweet nail colours.for cheap. Also to add to that I picked up an in-market Essie polish at Dollarama for $3. The likelihood that colour will end up in my favourites is pretty high as well.


With fall coming upon us, I am slowly trying to give up my neons and work more towards baby pinks and grays, eventually working into the Zoya collections for fall that I posted about yesterday and I am sure will be in the mail and on their way to me by tomorrow!

Essie Minimalistic

 Dollarama $3 Essie SRP $8.50

I love when I happen upon an awesome deal at the dollar, and I mean, even if it was discontinued (which I though it was) it was still an awesome find.


From “clean. spare. chic. brush on this light-filled, barely there pink nail color for an upscale manicure look that’s full of potential” It is currently sold out on their website, and is a part of the sheers collection. I got a three day wear out of this, which for me is pretty amazing when I an rocking my natural nails. I would highly recommend this as a shade for someone who is going to be a bride or in a bridal party.

O.P.I Today I Accomplished Zero

Marshalls $7.99 SRP $13.99

Today I accomplished zero is probably the closest thing I could come up with for me to explain my aura through a nail colour. The description from the OPI website “Dramatic black with effervescent red sparkle is a total must-do”. I would strongly suggest wearing this over a black base. It will go opaque with three coats, but I try and keep my coats lower than that so I don’t start getting all peely in the middle of the day. TodayIaccomplishedzeroThe swatch shown here has three coats and it became completely opaque with the red sparkle still very vivid. I am in LOVE with this for the fall.

China Glaze Pack Lightly

Marshall’s $5.99 SRP $10.99

I love China Glaze, they are probably my favourite nail polish company, (however now having more experience with Zoya I am very pleased with them as well). packlightly

Pack Lightly is a coral based baby pink, with a matte finish (if there is no top coat applied). This is from the 2015 Road Trip Collection. I enjoy matte finishes with glitter involved. This has the slightest glittery shimmer that is almost undetectable. I am disappointed with the wear on it though. I don’t normally have this issue with CG but to get the coverage I wanted I had to to a few more coats than I would like.  I only ended up with about 24 hours of wear before there was a huge chip, and only a few more hours after that before they were all chipped. I am going to give it another try with a better top coat and see what happens!

All in all my total savings for the whole purchase was just over 50% off. There is nothing better than an amazing deal!IMG_1540 copy

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  1. So I got this in my email and I thought I read on a recent visit to Minneapolis, but alas it was just Marshals 😛 If you do ever come to Minneapolis not in my imagination… we should hang out… and shop. Actually you could stay at my house too… and now I’m a creeper 😛 😀 Oh wells!

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