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Ipsy Review | BellaPierre Cosmetics | Mineral Lipstick

Happy hump day! Something is always so comforting about Wednesday’s, like even though I have to work some weekends you know the end is near, and eventually I can sleep in and do what I want all day. This hump day I am coming to you with another July Ipsy review.

BellaPierre Cosmetics

Mineral Lipstick in P.I.N.K.

Retail Price $20.00

bella Pierre

Packaging: The packaging is classic but boring. Black plastic quilt, with a silver bullet and writing. Packaging is important in the beauty world these days With companies putting out lipsticks that are packaged in purple with unicorns, bright gold, beautiful chromes and sleek matte bullets, consumers are using them not only as beauty products but display pieces, and packaging can be a huge deciding factor for a buyer. Rating: 3/5 All function, no fashion.

Formula: I actually love it, it was so smooth and moisturizing. Lately I have been  almost exclusively wearing liquid lipsticks which are SO drying for me, that this was a breath of fresh moisture for my lips. Yup, I know that makes no sense but we are going to roll with it. There was no bleed, I didn’t end up with the weird ‘inside the lip’ pasties, and it wore evenly, however not the longest. Reapplication was necessary. Rating 4/5

Price: I have a really hard time with the fact that this is going for $20. To me the brand is basically no name, it’s in no way main stream. However they are natural mineral makeup which in my view always tends to run a bit higher on the price scale. If I had to choose between this and say a $8 drugstore lipstick, I would be choosing drugstore if we were going based on price. Don’t get me wrong I am not the person that wouldn’t purchase a $20 lipstick, I have $40 lipsticks in my collection. I just don’t think that this is worth the price, at least give me some snazzy packaging to look at for the money you are charging!  Rating 2/5

Description from the website: This long-wearing lipstick has amazing staying power. All natural waxes and oils also give this lipstick great moisturizing properties without feeling heavy on your lips.

I do use this in my $20 Makeup Challenge Video, and the shade worked well for me!

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