Trash Talk

I was trying really hard to stay on that project pan bandwagon, and really I just don’t think that it’s for me! I have too much stuff and I have the worst ADD when it comes to beauty products so to sit and try and use up a few things a month, it’s just too much commitment for me. I have however saved up a significant amount of empties over a few months. Don’t you just find that everything always runs out at the same time?

Can’t catch a break around here…

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4 thoughts on “Trash Talk”

  1. I’ve thought about doing project pan before but I can’t do it either. I just don’t see the point in making myself use something up that I only kinda sorta like when I could be using all the things I love! I started watching your empties while getting ready this morning (you always make me laugh) but I’ll finish tonight when I get home 🙂

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  2. I’m the same way; the only things I ever get through are mascara, foundation, primer, and liquid concealers. I can’t imagine ever hitting pan on just about any powder formula though. I have too many eyeshadows I love to ever commit to one so long that I run out, even though I use my Smashbox Full Exposure Travel Palette pretty much every day.


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