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Ipsy Review | Skone Cosmetics | Luxe Doubler Lip and Eyeliner

Sweet baby Jesus the second I pulled this out of my bag and saw the colour I was IN LOVE. The Luxe Doubler Lip & Eyeliner in wine is the perfect fall accessory.

Skone Cosmetics Luxe Doubler Lip and Eyeliner

Shade: Wine

SRP: $15

luxe doublerAs I have stated before, I love products that serve more than one purpose, so it is understandable as to why I would be such a huge fan of this.

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Packaging: Basic. Really basic, just a classic pencil type product with a wood base, black covering and coloured tip.

Wear: VERY good. I have been mostly wearing this as a lip liner because I really love the shade for fall, but by the end of the day I can certainly still see it staining my lips, without having a drying affect. As an eyeliner I have only used it on my lower lash line to give that vampy, sultry smoke out. I can’t honestly say that made it to the end of the night. I put on my makeup for testing when I go to work at 8 am, and don’t look at it again to see how it faired until late in the evening.

Do I think this is worth it?: I am a big believer in packaging, and for $15 regular price, this seems a bit steep to me for a pencil. It isn’t self sharpening, or a really glamorous presentation, but it wears nicely and I like the formulation as well as the colour. I think I would probably pay $8-$10 for this product from a drugstore and not feel like I was ripped off

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