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Whats up with September Ipsy?

Hey guys! Welcome back!

I am always so happy to have anyone come by the website I wish they would leave more comments so I could actually talk to you guys and interact when you come here!

This month’s Ipsy was another hit with a few faves coming in this bag. Even the actual bag was a bit nicer than usual, bigger as well. 

I am having a really hard time keeping up with everything that is going on lately, I thought with all of the weddings over *save for one* that I would have all this free time open up. Turns out work has just amped up like crazy and the NYC trip is coming up so fast it actually makes me nervous.

Check out what I got in this months Ipsy and if you are interested in subscribing please click here!

As always don’t forget to like subscribe and comment I always love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Whats up with September Ipsy?”

  1. I feel you stole my pintrest fashion page! Love all those looks. It’s funny because it’s like that saying goes “I am fashionable, just check out my pintrest page” lol now maybe we just need to start shopping!

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