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Holiday Makeup Releases… Round one

This is probably the best time of the year, I love it. I literally save money all year for this. IT’S THE HOLIDAY MAKEUP VALUE SET RELEASE TIME! I love fall and this is probably the real reason why, here are some of the releases so far!

s1736305-main-hero-300 2 Sephora Favourites Draw the Line

Price $36 Value $106

I am a huge fan of these kits, they make it super affordable to try a great assortment of eyeliners on the high end, so when they come out I try and buy them!

s1744226-main-hero-300 2

Urban Decay Vice 4

Price $70 

I am ashamed of myself, I knew this was coming out but I assumed it wasn’t coming out until next week. So when I popped onto Sephora to steal some stock photos and saw it was out, I obviously ORDERED IT RIGHT AWAY  BEFORE SOMEONE COULD PRY IT FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!

s1755925-main-hero-300Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit

Price $95

I have a bone to pick with this one. It’s BEAUTIFUL however the price is way off base. It’s the perfect palette as far as hourglass goes, but why so expensive for something so pea sized? It’s actually a better value to buy all six pans individually. They make it seem like these will be full size, but they aren’t. Womp.

s1719020-main-hero-300KVD Mi Vida Loca Lip Kit

Price $50 Value $108

Lip kits are my girlfriend Mel’s Kryptonite, maybe this will find it’s way into her stocking this year… See Mel here.

Stay tunes for more holiday releases!

11 thoughts on “Holiday Makeup Releases… Round one”

  1. Sooooo… After I read this I immediately ordered the new vice palette from Sephora 😛 I am so weak!!! But it’s going to be awesome 😀 ❤ So excited for it to show up at my doorstep ❤

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  2. I bought the new Hourglass palette the second it came out and returned it almost immediately after. IT WAS SO SMALL, I was so sad I spent so much money on something that was near impossible to use! All of the shades were beautiful but it just wasn’t worth $85 US 😦

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