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Laneige | Brightening Sparkling Water Foam Cleanser

On to more skincare!

I said I was going to start focusing on skincare from time to time, since basically my skincare routine consists of a makeup wipe and a makeup removing oil. Hand slap, done.

Price and availability: I was sent the Laneige Brightening Sparkling Water Foam Cleanser for review. This is from a skincare line that will soon be sold at Sephora, and if you would like to check out the entire line, or other reviews for this product please click here. The cleanser will retail for $30 for 150 ML. I would say the price is fairly reasonable personally. Skincare can be a fickle mistress and an expensive at that. There are even drugstore skincare lines that go upwards into the $50’s. Nuts. IMG_1604

Packaging: Without better explanation I am going to call it shaving creams fraternal twin sister. The canister is slim and sleek and doesn’t take up a ton of room, the container is metal and the nozzle is plastic. Make sure you shake it up real nice, and depress the cap and BAM white foamy explosions!


Formula: I have used this for about four-five days, and it’s been a bit of a different experience. I have never put something so shaving cream-esque on my face. The instructions to “apply to the face while dry” also threw me off. But alas, it was totally worth it, and the instructions were key because this stuff makes your skin feel amazing after. I have a problem with most cleansers making my skin feel too tight and dry after, and that doesn’t happen with the Laneige at all. It just legitimately feels clean and refreshed. It even took my dipbrow pomade off lickety-split. If you do pick this up, make sure you put it on a dry face, don’t fret, it will feel odd doing it, but it makes the product work so much better and much more efficient.

Calling out the claims? “Brightens, detoxifies and exfoliates  for clearer smoother skin. Infused with skin-perfecting sparkling water”

I don’t know if I am just too literal for these claims but I don’t see any “sparkling water in this. It could be there, it could not be there, we will never really know if this is a falsehood or not. It just looks like shaving cream to me! My skin does look amazing though and my pores are so small these days they are almost non-existent. I am sure they will be back and are only on vacation but hopefully they will at least bring me back a nice souvenir. All in all, I would definitly say this is worth it and am likely going to pick up the moisturizer from the line as well.

Some background on the company can be found here.

Disclaimer- This product was sent to me for free for review, I was not paid to review & all opinions are honest and my own. I own all photographs of the product in this post.  

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