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My Venture to the Big Apple | GenBeauty NYC

It’s been two weeks since my last conf…. wait.. blog post… HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN?

Holy moly… concrete jungle is no joke… And sorry Toronto but New York is just a way better version of you that doesn’t smell as bad. Really either way I still love you but damn this was an experience I am so thankful for.

I went to GenBeauty NYC on the weekend and met up with some girls I had met this year through Youtube. Kristina from GlittertoGaming, Kirsten from NoBlandMakeup and Amanda from AmandaBelleLee. It was incredible to think how far I have come since January in this business. It something I truly enjoy and has provided so many amazing experiences and built great new relationships.


This post will only be about my experience, but stay tuned in the next few days for a video of all the goodies I got while I was away! Canadian girl in New York!

Traveling alone…

I have never travelled alone in my life, and here I am making that first trip to go meet a bunch of relative strangers in another country. It’s okay everything will go smoothly right? WRONG. Insert hurricane Joaquin. Jerk face. My flight ended up being delayed for 5 hours and I had the pleasure of sitting on the tarmac for 4 of those hours, with no one telling anyone what was going on.

I land in JFK and don’t I just want to fling myself off that plane as fast as possible. Can’t. Stuck on the plan for another IMG_2950hour. I have places to be here people, cocktail parties to attend, new friends to meet and networking to do. GET ME OFF THIS DAMN PLANE! At least at this point we can confirm that the shuttle that was supposed to take me to my hotel has come and gone hours ago.

You would think at this point I would have been losing my mind and wanting to tear out my hair while I cry black tears of mascara destruction. Nope. I was actually cool calm and collected to the point where I even surprised myself. I went and got my luggage and toddled off to the ground transportation to find out how I could get to my hotel that was 45 minutes away.

imgres-2At this point I have to give a shout out to GoLink Shuttle service in NYC. They came in got me in less than four minutes, and had me to my hotel by 945pm. When at that point I had been told I likely wouldn’t be getting to the Skyline Manhattan until midnight.

Needless to say I did very much egregiously miss the VIP Cocktail party for creators, but I got there safe to see my internet buddies and that wasimgres-3 good enough for me. (Albeit disappointing on the goodie bag side of things). Our stay at the Skyline Manhattan hotel was enjoyable and I would certainly return, the concierge was amazing and came up in the clutch for us a few times, including delivering some plastic cups and a cork screw after a poorly thought out convenience store wine purchase. This also came with a side of the BEST PIZZA I have ever had. In my life. Ever.  See pizza. Eat Pizza. IMG_2850

IMG_2852 IMG_2861 IMG_2862 IMG_2864 IMG_2865 IMG_2866 IMG_2873 IMG_2878

And then we went to times square where all of my worlds dreams I am sure are residing in…

IMG_2896 IMG_2910 IMG_2911

I realize it was only one and a half days but it was such an amazing trip, I was in a good mood basically the whole time and that NEVER happens! Thanks for the trip of a life time ladies!

12 thoughts on “My Venture to the Big Apple | GenBeauty NYC”

  1. Wow how I wish I could go to one of those. I saw a video yesterday if another you tuber I follow. And she had a blast. She got sick Sunday morning and had to go home and not get to do that day. But she lives there somewhere in New York close. But her and two other You Tubers stayed at her house fr. And then hotel on Sat. Nite. She showed us a few of her goodies. But she missed Sun. Goody bag. The amount of products is phenomenal. I would go just for that reason alone. Not to mention all the FUN everyone had. This is my first time of hearing about it all. Like I said so wish they would come close to the South of the US like Texas. Dallas is a good place and maybe they do I don’t know. But it’s about 6-8 hrs drive away. I don’t know any You Tubers that would be near me or friends that like Makeup like I do. Don’t have any friends since I moved two yrs ago. Hence the new to my life makeup addiction. Found all this a cpl yrs ago and haven’t stopped since. But can’t wait to see all the goodies u got. So glad u had fun. Sorry about the trip itself. Hate to be stuck in a plane. Did it one time during a thunderstorm waiting for it to pass. Lots if fun. But not hours. Thanks so much for all the I do and sharing.

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  2. OMG it looks like you had so much fun! Even though it does suck that you missed the cocktail party and the goody bag… and you had the shity plane ride… and missed your train/car/bus/thing… actually I’m pretty impressed that you stayed calm. I would have been in a corner crying for sure.

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    1. I am a general lunatic when it comes to travel so I was surprised too. I was just like well… I’m alone in the biggest scariest city… And I have no idea where I’m going or what I’m doing. Better figure it out lol

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  3. It was so awesome meeting you! I will never forget this trip and Kristina’s thunder thighs lmao despite everything that’s happened you still had a great time and I’m glad to have been apart of it. Thank you for accepting me into the YouTube world and continue to be your awesome bad ass self! If you only knew how much joy ya’ll have brought into my life in this one weekend….I just have no words. I will say this, before this trip my life totally sucked nuggets but after this trip there are endless possibilities! So thank YOU for being apart of that journey! Stay awesome! 😉

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