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Morphe Palette Love

You know those days when you believe that something you buy is not going to work out, like it’s going to be the biggest disappointment of your life?


Morphe wasn’t listed on the vendor list for Imat’s Toronto this year, but they were there, and I spent my WHOLE time in that line to make sure I could check it out. It was damn well worth it.

Check out my video review of the palettes I picked up!

A few things to mention if you don’t want to watch the video that could be improved about these products are:

  1. There are no names on the shades, this in no way affects how they work but if I wanted to go purchase one of the pans separately I would have no idea what I was buying.
  2. There is no mirror, for such complete palettes it would be awesome to not have to take a mirror if I was taking this on vacation somewhere.
  3. Shimmer shadows apply much better using a finger as opposed to a brush, which in the long run can damage the product.

I do honestly love these products though, and they were absolutely worth the money. Stay tuned for my GenBeauty Haul!

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2 thoughts on “Morphe Palette Love”

  1. Watched your video last night and I agree I hate that the You Tubers recommend such great stuff because it makes me want everything lololol I have yet to find something they recommended that I don’t love. I just received the 35O Morphe palette after seeing it everywhere I fell to the hype but the hype is real!! Their eyeshadows are so nice and now I can’t wait to see what else I order xoxo Janet


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