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Quick How To: Rejuvenate Your Dip Brow

I have been using my ABH dip brow daily for almost a year. Itdipbrow 2 is a holy grail product for me, and the first thing that really let me get a handle on my brows. One eyebrow is almost half the size of the other, so it needs a bit more love than the other. When I was only using a pencil or powder, the tiny brow always looked drawn on and I was never a huge fan. This $23/.14 oz brow product solved that problem for me.

Fast forward to now when it began to dry out, with more than half of the pot left. I could barely even dig it out with a brush anymore. Heart broken, and avoiding the terrible task of throwing it out I was scrolling through some fellow bloggers posts and saw someone who made their own palette, and while doing so gauged out a huge chunk of her dip brow.

She made a suggestion of adding a drop of argan oil to the product and  mixing it back up to bring it back to life. HALLELUJAH! What a great idea and now I can save myself another $23 purchase, I tried it out and it worked. However then I ended up with this ugly pot. Obviously had to deal with this. 20151009_213605 20151009_213630 My solution? I figured, well, I can try and melt it back down in the microwave, and if it screws up the product then I guess I have to buy a new one anyway. At least I know I tried to revive it!

25 seconds in the micro and VOILA! Smooth as a babies butt. Albeit I think we could have stuck to 20 seconds. The extra five might have been a bit much. Can’t wait to get it a go tomorrow and make sure the formula is still amazing!


11 thoughts on “Quick How To: Rejuvenate Your Dip Brow”

  1. Please let me know how it works out for u. I have seen hack videos where they used either eye drops or contact lens solution to bring back eye liners etc. But I have a Maybelline tattoo that is looking a little dry. I have heard just stir it up and that will help. But just incase may need other options. Not sure what I want to try. Besides stir method first. Thanks so much for posting this.

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  2. I only have scraped off the top layer when mine gets dry, I have not had to resort to adding oils yet. I’m sure you saw but ABH actually posted on instagram a video of someone adding vitamin E oil to theirs. Same thing!

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