Birthday Haul | Dirty 30

Morning beauties!

Just a quick video haul this morning. Hope your Canadian thanksgiving was amazing!

My first shot at using Final Cut Pro!

5 thoughts on “Birthday Haul | Dirty 30”

  1. Hope u have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. That it’s a GREAT DAY for U. I love the Chatau box of Goodies. Had not seen that one yet. I would like to see anything on that especially the black with pink bow. That is my fav too. I had thought about the ABH pallet. They r all always so nice. I have seen the next one in Trendmood on IG. Something about Self. It looks great too. I live Pallets. That’s my weakness. And sure I don’t need any more eyeshadows. But that’s not what it’s about is it? We r makeup lovers/addicts. Lol. Need is not the point. Lol. It’s about each pallet and what is has and the colors. Surely u understand. I love ur dog too. Thought I heard him maybe. I love dogs. We have three. Two biggies and one little. The big boys r sometimes the Best. My little girl thinks and tries to run the place. And they listen??? Whatever we enjoy them so much. Have a great time with them. Really enjoyed the video and u got some really nice products. Thanks for sharing.

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