Stila | A Whole Lot of Love | Holiday Sets 2015

I have a whole lot of love for this time of year in the beauty industry. This is when the manufacturer’s save up all their good ideas and smash them all out onto the market at the same time so I go perpetually broke every fall. Thanks team I appreciate it. IMG_3077

To start off the holiday reviews we are going to talk about the Stila A whole lot of love set. You can purchase it here from Sephora’s website and it retails for $77. (They have it valued at $294.00)





Blushes: The colours are beautiful, however the staying power isn’t overly impressive. I noticed when I was swatching the shades, if I brushed my arm against anything, they would brush right off. I wore one to work a few days ago as well and by the end of the day it was essentially gone. When I can compare to a other blushes – Morphe- UD- MAC they can’t hold a candle with staying power.

Shadows: I only have one other Stila palette, which for me if you have seen my Makeup Collection Video, is pretty incredible. I wasn’t overly impressed with In The Garden (the current Stila palette). This one on the other hand is an entirely different story. Each one of these swatches is over no primer or base. They are one swipe and they are incredible. They are beautifully blendable, and the staying power is great as well. I would say this palette is worth it for the shadows alone. Even though there are two fairly intense blues included, they are still incredibly versatile and wearable.

Packaging: I have a gripe about the packaging. It is HUGE. Although pretty and a nice display piece, this isn’t something that is easily packed to take away. It is 9.5″ wide and 4.5″ high, it takes up an intense amount of room in my vanity. Unless I actually want to display it on a shelf (because it is gold a pretty) it’s basically taking up an entire seat on the vanity plane. It is also just under an inch thick. The pans can’t possibly be that deep can they? If they are I take it all back! IMG_3086When opening the box it has to be flipped upside down as well. Seems a bit silly to me, why can’t I just open it? Why do I have to be involved in acrobatics before I can get to my sparkly eyelids? They also don’t list the names of the shadows or blushes on the palette. They are only listed on the box the palette comes in (which most people would be likely to throw out).

Final Thoughts: I would say this is a fantastic gift, for someone like me who is a collector and appreciator of all things beauty. If you are looking for someone who is more into makeup on the go, and no fuss makeup, this is probably not for them. It isn’t easily storable and the blushes would need to be reapplied. I would agree with the value listed on Sephora.com though. I am happy with the purchase regardless of the serious packaging fauxpas!

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