Tati Westbrook Releases Own Makeup Line

There is something to be said for watching a beauty guru who is of a similar age group to myself. These women in their early 20’s and everything looks amazing on their perfectly glowing skin are harder to relate to when dealing with greying hair, mid thirties-acne, fine lines and wrinkles. imgres-1

One day while I was cruising around Youtube I had fallen upon Tati Westbrook (glamlifeguru), a beautiful “mid-age guru” with incredibly lush dark brown hair. What do you know? She is a bonafide adult. Immediate respect in this world as far as I am concerned.  I am impressed by her consistent ability to stay humble and honest, while still truly loving what she is doing.

Recently she has curated a beauty product line named LOC, in tandem with Birchbox. Price point is mid-range, with lipsticks coming in around $8 US, and full eye sets ringing up at $36 US. I am in no means sponsored by Birchbox or Tati, I just think she is fantastic and if she is putting her name on a product it would have to be held to her very high standards, and worth the value they have placed on it. If you are interested in seeing the line please click HERE.

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7 thoughts on “Tati Westbrook Releases Own Makeup Line”

  1. That’s soooo weird because I was just catching up on a whole bunch of her videos last night – I hadn’t watched in 6 months. I always thought she looked a lot like Kate Beckinsale but with blue eyes.
    But yay, I do really like Tati and her Madness Mondays were always very informative. Good for her for starting her own line. I wish her success!


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