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November Ipsy Unbagging | Beauty Blast

Hey guys!

Hopefully some pretty great reviews coming out this week, now that I am back to a normal work schedule before Dominican Republic, but we are going to start off the week with this months Ipsy!

Don’t forget to enter my two giveaways! For the Real Cheeky Palette click HERE and for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette Click HERE

Thank you so much to everyone for all of your continued support and I am happy to be coming up on my 1 year blogiversary!

7 thoughts on “November Ipsy Unbagging | Beauty Blast”

  1. I though bag was okay. But I am so sick try of getting skincare products. Thanks for review bag. Hope you have a wonderful trip and great thanksgiving. Any great tips that good makes blog more inviting my people read. Thanks

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    1. Hey doll, just be very sincere in everything you write, be honest, and connect with as many people as you can, Social networking is very important as well. It’s definitly a full time job. Focus on content and it will all come eventually!

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