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Coming Soon | Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons | Review & Swatches

I told you guys there was some great reviews coming this week, and not to toot my own horn or anything, but this one is coming to you pre-release of the product.

Too Faced will be releasing the new palette in their Chocolate Bar series called Chocolate Bon Bons. Word around town this will be releasing on December 8th.

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I was sent this my IpsyOS, and for those of you who are not familiar with them feel free to click HERE to check them out. It is essentially a program for small Youtubers to get some guidance from the big guys. GO US!


(from top to bottom, two swipes, no primer)

Toofacedbonbonsswatches.JPGSatin Sheets: Can also be found in Boudoir Eyes & La Grand Palais, but is a very versatile champagne gold highlight or lid shade. Swatch did not photograph well but this is a beautiful shade.

Cotton Candy: Shimmer pink, to be honest, not over enthralling, especially since there is an already excessively pink shade in Totally Fetch.

Pecan Praline: Matte grey, amazing transition shade for the crease or a lid shade for a neutral light smokey eye. Exclusive to Bon Bons

Dark Truffle: I can’t lie, the first time I swatched this shade I really loved it, the second time I found it chunky for a too faced shimmer. Anyway, I am undecided on my feelings on this dark brown shimmer.

Cashew Chew:  Light cream shimmer if you click and expand the photo, you will notice the swatch is chunky and slightly more powdery than really necessary. That being said I have used this shade and it applies much better as a blendable shade for above the crease or as a light transition shade.

Almond Truffle: Probably my favourite transition shade in this palette, and one of the best by a long shot. Light brown warm undertones.

Molasses Chip: My favourite shade in the palette, and the first one I did a look with, I used this all over the lid with some Almond Truffle in the crease and I was out the door. Shimmer brown/gold. Amazing dimension on the lid.


Mocha: Matte Brown, great crease shade as well, or for a neutral look, all over the lid. The matte shades to me in this palette are worlds ahead of some of the glitters, maybe that is just age talking, but it’s just how I feel.

Divinity: The most basic of highlight shades, an almost matte but with spatters of glitter bits in it. I know, I don’t get it either, goes on somewhat gritty, but as a brow bone highlight it works.

Sprinkles: Light pink shimmer, again with too much grit in the glitter, I will likely not be using much of this shade.

Bordeaux: A wine/ cherry bordeaux shade, I loved using this to blend out earl grey and just above the orbital bone, it blends out beautifully and I highly recommend this shade. Doesn’t swatch nearly as well as it applies.

Earl Grey: Dark green shimmer, and as with most of too faced’s super dark shades it looks beautiful in the pan and then is lack lustre on the lid after an hour or two. I don’t have issues with creasing eyeshadow and today I found this piled up in the  creases of my eyes. Disappointing for such a beautiful shade.

Cafe Au Lait: Lovely grey champagne shimmer, goes on well, swatches chunky but applies better with a brush as some shadows do. Don’t let the swatch turn you off.

Totally Fetch: Can also be found in Pretty Rebel, Everything Nice, and La Grand Palais. It isn’t an amazing or much of an everyday shade. It has to be said, Too Faced- Stop trying to make fetch happen. It’s not going to happen

Black Currant– Bleck. That is all. Chunky, glittery mess of purple poop. Very similar to Black Forrest Truffle and Sugar Plum Fairy, in other TF palettes.

Malted: If TF could get their colours to hold on my lid I might like this shade a bit more than I do. It is a glittery dark brown neutral in tone, but it just leaves something to be desired for me.


Let’s start with the good. The packaging is tin.I like that. I am not worried about it getting wet and it going soggy if I spill some make remover on it.

The clasp is a magnet, so it doesn’t snap shut the way I wish it did, but we can’t win them all can we? It closes secure enough that I am good with it rolling around my makeup drawer, but perhaps not in my purse or for long distance travel.

When I first opened my package I noticed that it didn’t close properly when it was sitting down, one side would always open up slightly. Turns out mine had been shipped with the plastic insert unclasped which made the lid stick up. I fixed it though so we are back on good terms.

The mirror is big, but certainly not as big as it could be. I find it a waste to have a nice available mirror space that all three versions of the chocolate palettes make a big hoo-ha about having their name splattered in a huge way on the inside of the palette taking up valuable mirror real estate.

One thing that has been heavily noted in the blogisphere is the childishness of the packaging. The heart shapes on the lid as well as the eyeshadow pans. “IT LOOKS LIKE BARBIE MAKEUP!” Has been one of the heavily raged comments. In person it’s actually cute, it’s not  offensively childish in any way. Also, what did you expect? This is TF they are criminal for their cutesy displays.

Overall Thoughts

I always love the question of whether or not I would have kept this or been disappointed if I had bought it. For the first time in awhile I am going to say I would probably pass on picking this up. Although I am not sad to have it, and it has some beautiful shades that I do like, this palette has been done. By Too Faced. 5 Times over. I could dupe most of these shades in other very common palettes.

Even if you own either of the two chocolate palettes I would say maybe pass on this one, we can only have so many browns, and so many palettes with Totally Fetch.

Urban Decay has been beating the dead naked horse for sometime now. I feel like Too Faced is doing the same with the lovely smelling chocolate series. You had a good thing, time to work with something new!

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13 thoughts on “Coming Soon | Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons | Review & Swatches”

  1. I like how this palette looks, it has less browns and I’m bored of them and don’t use any more. So I guess this palette was made for someone like me:)

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  2. Sadly, I’m going to buy it anyways. I really love the look of those cool toned transition shades! I could have done without that bright ass pink though.


  3. just came across your post on the palette! just received mine in the mail. however, it did not come with a plastic insert over the shadows. just plastic covering the mirror. usually palettes come with a plastic insert. did yours come with both protective inserts (on shadows and mirror) i am a big germ-a-phobe so i definitely want to make sure before i use it.

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