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Ipsy January- So What Did I Really Think?

I haven’t had a ton of spare time over the last while, trying to keep my head from falling off with two large breed dogs under the age of 11 months. Athena turns 11 months in a few weeks and Diesel is about 3 and a half months. Both born on the 13th of different months… so what does that tell you? For anyone who has never met them here they are.


He is becoming more acclimated to his new home and once he is fully potty trained the hope is to get back on a regular social media schedule. (It’s a good thing these babies are so cute).

I was able to try out most of the products that I received in my Ipsy bag this month so I figure might as well take a run at those reviews for now!

HanaleiHanalei Sugar Lip Scrub

SRP $20

Did I like this? Absolutely. I am going to just straight out say it right off the top. It has a lovely sweet taste (even though you aren’t supposed to eat it) and the sugar is big enough to really get rid of the dry skin on my lips. I am very partial to liquid lipsticks, and for anyone else who knows the dry cracked lip strife of wearing those babies on the regular, this is for you.  It is more expensive than I would be likely to pay depending on how long it would last, but I would highly recommend it over the E.L.F lip exfoliator.

Coupon Code: IPSYSCRUB 50% off 

Peek.jpegNatural Stain Brow Powder

SRP $22 includes shipping and taxes

I received this brow powder in the shade Espresso. To me Espresso is normally a very dark shade… not in this case, it was almost light gray. Since my hair is black I wasn’t able to utilize this product, but I did give it to my blond cousin and I haven’t heard any complaints. I can’t give an accurate review of the product so I did some poking around on their website and something that really stands out for me is their tag line. “Just natural enough”. I don’t get that, are you natural or not? What does that even MEAN?

Coupon Code IPSY15 15% off

Blinkle.jpegJCat Beauty Blinkle Eyeshadow

SRP $4.99

This is absolutely worth the $4.99. It is in no way the best eye shadow I have ever used. (obviously… hello Lorac) but it is pretty fantastic considering the amount of product you get and the colour pay off. There is an offering of 12 different shades that can be ordered off their website. The preferred method of application for me was to pat it on with my finger instead of  using a brush because it gave a more intense finish.

Coupon Code IPSY116 25% off 

trestique.jpegTrestique Lip Crayon

SRP $22

When I first saw this shade laying out on my vanity beside Lolita, my all time fave liquid lipstick from KVD and I was all “holy shit it’s an exact dupe! MIND BLOWN. Nope. False, just the packaging is a dupe, Lolita is darker in real life. Psych your minds I had you make up freaks there for a second I know it. Anyway… I really hope that this $22 price point is for an item that is bigger than the one we receive in our bags, because it is isn’t I need to have a talk with Trestique about their pricing. Packing is cute, however confused me the first time I opened it thinking that the cap had come off.

No Coupon Code… lame Trestique… lame.

All in all the bag wasn’t bad, I did receive a TheBalm Mr. Write now eyeliner, but I don’t think I have even picked it up since I opened it so I don’t have any judgement calls to make on that one at the moment!

If you haven’t heard or checked out Ipsy lately, please check it out and sign up if you are interested through this link.

Stay tuned on my YouTube Channel for a pretty big haul! It’s been awhile since I have done one of those!

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