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It’s been awhile

I feel like I have fallen off this planet. Out of the makeup  universe and far away from all social media.

How do we get our hands so full seemingly overnight?  I haven’t posted a video or a post since February. It’s May. How did we get here?

In my defense we did a massive renovation on our bathroom, I guess by “we” I mean my contractor husband. I can’t even take credit for that. I always say I want to get back into this and be here for everyone, I don’t want to let anyone down anymore so I will do my best to get back into the swing of something!

Leave me your social media links in the bottom and I will send you a follow so I can reconnect with this world I love so much.

13 thoughts on “It’s been awhile”

  1. I was just wondering yesterday where you’ve been! I’ve missed your videos.

    If you’re not following me on any social media already, my handle on Twitter & Instagram are the same (@themakeupcase17) and my FB page: facebook.com/themakeupcase17.

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  2. Wow I was just thinking about u and how I had not seen for a while. So glad to hear from u and excited to see and read what u have. Thank u so much.

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  3. I’ve been wondering if you were ever coming back! Take your time. The only thing you missed on my blog is that my hubby knocked me up, haha. We’re going to have our second boy in August!!!

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