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Jaclyn Hill- Champagne Glow-Anti Haul

There is something to be said for marketing that is for sure.




Okay, we get it, we are all a bunch of peeons and we will do whatever you say SEPHULTA! I myself have fallen victim to these claims and false sense of need for a product I basically already have in 18 different packages.

Lately I have fallen in sweet youtube love with Kimberly Clark and her “Anti-Haul” series. Also every so often I fall down this rabbit hole of panning and de-cluttering videos in a desperate attempt to believe that one day I will have enough balls to do the same.

If you haven’t met/seen Kimberly Clark you can see her first Anti-Haul below.

Let us follow through with this thought process and discuss the Champagne Glow.

Retailing in at $59 CA- I don’t feel so bad about the price if I am speaking from the heart. Let’s be real… I bought Champagne pop and it was $46… so for another $13 I am not so concerned about price point.

So.. the deets (right from the horses mouth on

– 2 x 0.19 oz Shimmering Skin Perfector™ Pressed highlighter shades in Champagne Pop (soft white gold with pinky peach undertones), Prosecco Pop (medium warm gold)
– 2 x 0.12 oz Mineral Blush in Amaretto (matte toasted almond), Pamplemousse (matte warm coral pink)
– 0.10 oz Luminous Blush in Rosé Spritz (soft peachy pink with pale gold shimmer)

Why won’t I buy it? (Link for those who DO want to buy it)

  1. First off, I am trying hard to love my collection, very hard. Spend some time with things I love and really pare down what I don’t. I want to save my money for things I truly can’t live without, and this may be one of those eventually.
  2. I am tired of giving YouTubers my money. I spend so much time looking at your face as it is and I know that lines your pockets, so I don’t feel bad that a portion of my $59 won’t go in your pocket.
  3. LIMITED EDITION! Pssssh… right, Just like champagne pop which is now permanent.
  4. I already own CP. As much as the other shades are beautiful and I love the packaging, I have enough blush and highlighters that I could probably triplicate dupes and also rouge New York City for six years. (Albeit I can’t speak to quality on either packaging or formula as I don’t OWN it).
  5. I am not saying I will never buy it. I am mearly pondering absolute necessity. I don’t feel like I will miss much if I do miss out on it, and to me that isn’t worth $59.

What are your plans for items you aren’t buying?

Miss everyone’s beautiful faces!

Twitter/Instagram @ccosmeticchaos

17 thoughts on “Jaclyn Hill- Champagne Glow-Anti Haul”

  1. Yeah I have no desire to get this either. I own Champagne Pop and love it, but these other shades aren’t speaking to me. Right now I’m obsessed with my new Wet N Wild highlighter and Becca’s Opal. I’ve bought a ton of new highlighters last month. I don’t need any more right now.


    1. Wow I would love to have found WnW new powder highlighters. My town got three each. Lol. Smaller Walgreens. And last check out of stock on their site. But I did manage to snag one of the stick ones that is in the pink side. Good enough for me. I’m so tired of trying to chase down LE products at the Drugstores when u live in a town that doesn’t have very big stores or selections. Congrats to u.


  2. I’m kinda meh about it. I have champagne pop and I’m not a huge blush person. Might pass, unless it becomes permanent then I can get it whenever.


  3. No don’t think I’m buying. I didn’t buy the original. Even after hearing from everyone everywhere how it’s the perfect highlighter for everyone. I can’t spend money like that. I was blessed enough to receive a the palette that has CP, Pearl, and think it’s a bronzer. It doesn’t say on the box. It has three in it. So I have CP now and don’t need to worry about running out forever since its perm now. Why not. Because has made a load off of it. I really didn’t know much about them till then. I do love the pkging of the new palette. But I’m getting kinda burned out from all the same videos about what’s trending that week. I miss u. Have thought about u several times so excited to see u in my email. I’m more of a drugstore girl anyway. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  4. Yeah… I really resist things that YouTubers promote. I much prefer peer to peer recommendations. It’s getting a bit out of hand with every other YouTuber lending their name / brand to a cosmetics company. I hope this trend will die off soon.

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  5. I haven’t had great luck with Becca so that alone is enough for me to not purchase, but add on the fact that I find Jaclyn extremely annoying and this becomes a complete no for me.

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  6. Oh and to add I did definitely give in to the Too Faced Sweet Peach hype. I knew it was a gimmick but the FOMO was STRONGGGG here! Lol luckily I’ve fallen in love and think it’s one of my best purchases. That being said, I don’t have any other Chocolate Bar palettes and I think if I did I wouldn’t be as happy with this.

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  7. hahaha this post…..I like this. Anti haul, ha!! and yes please do drugstore anti hauls! (In response to your comment above)


  8. This is the first I’ve heard of it, but I’m not interested. LE stuff annoys me, I HATE feeling that pressure. So with the exception of some Holiday stuff, I’m just not interested in anything LE. Plus, like you I have all the blush I need for the next few years and if I’m honest with myself some of it will go bad before I’ll ever even be able to use it. You really should try a panning project! I’m starting the project 10 pan. It only lasts a few months and it really gives you some perspective as to how long a product really lasts.

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