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1K Giveaway!

Hi everyone! So happy to announce that I have finally hit 1000 subscribers on Youtube! After just over a year and a half of plugging away my goal has been hit.

To celebrate I am planning to do a thank you give away for everyone, that will be hosted on my channel as well as here. Normally I have a really good idea of what I want to give away, but this time I am at a bit of a loss.

So here is my ask, What are you lusting after right now? Do you want to see a drugstore giveaway of holy grails? Or a Youtube Collab themed giveaway? Tell me what’s on your wishlist so I can compile a list of products and pick them up for you lovely people!

To make sure you can enter the giveaway make sure you head over and Subscribe to my Channel!


11 thoughts on “1K Giveaway!”

  1. The new ABH palette I want so bad. No way can I buy it. I don’t know if I told u or not my husband left us end of May. He wasn’t working and wouldn’t just get any kind of job here. A lot stress got in to argument and I was blaming him for all r 30 yrs together he made so many promises. He never did anything to do them. He was better when he was younger but after I got Cancer he was working and the boys helped me a lot by taking me to doc appt and staying while they ran chemo all day and then drive me back home an hour. Oldest started it when he was in school and they let him no problem very small tiny school less than 60 kids graduated mine was thirty even smaller town. But Cody drive me till he grd and the he went to work. So came in the next middle son same thing. Then we moved to Stillwater here because Gene was got a great job working on the big pipeline run K g thru the country from Canada to the Gulf coast. Big project Jon security ha it’s down by government kept changing companies and would take worker with them. It was a new start for us. All I wanted was a home with food and clothes for my kids and vehicles that ran. He just couldn’t get to that and keep it. He gambled his pay checks away immedietly after work to try to get more money. He thought if he had These feeling it would happen. BS. He lost r Brand new double wide home. First home we bought. He is always screwing up life. So I’m glad he is gone. My two older have helped me survive and j get a little disibility. But I got the broken truck that gene never fixed for three yrs now. We don’t know now if we should just find a cheaper nice car or put a bunch of a money into a truck that could get repo. He never finished paying for it. They know where it is they haven’t even attempted to come get it. My ex is very paranoid think he has insight to some things I call BS again. I did it for 30 yrs. I’m tired and can’t and SO DONE WITH HIM. Think the boys r too. They want financial help from him. He got two jobs and one didn’t work out and the other was McDonald’s and he lasted two hours. That dedication. I just feel bad my boys r having to help me so much. But what else to do. They have take me shopping and docs but it’s here in town like ten min away before it was a drive to Tulsa and traffic etc. but they didn’t mind. They got out school. Now the 16 wants to do the same but he can’t get out of school for it he said I will stay with u mom. So sweet and I know what u want. Lol. But I have been a lot happier. It’s been getting there for awhile. He thinks gene that is when he wi s the lottery and he truly believes he will. All will be fine. I asked him to buy me a house now. He is hoping we get back together. But I don’t even then I would. He would go thru it. But be nice to get a divorce with. Since we r poor. I need a cheap one. Lol. He doesn’t really want to get one. Too bad had ur chance a many times. Sorry if I’m repeating. Don’t really have any friends here or anyone to talk to. I forget easy and may have told u all this. But it’s helping me just delete it. But I would love try Soap and Body body butter and shower gel. I don’t get high end things very much. I would love to have some nice things. Even a perfume u could put in it. Amazon has some great acrylic storage Marked down. Drawers and things like that. They have everything one is down to 54$ looks super saw it and nice. Little mixture of things like that new OPI fall or winter collection looks pretty nail files cotton rounds. Like a asst basket would be fun and cute. Sorry to take so long. Love and hugs.

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      1. I say you just include some favorites of yours then πŸ™‚ I think it makes the giveaway more personal that way. And some type of FOOD or candy cause that’s fun too if someone wins who doesn’t live in your country!

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      1. I know I haven’t really commented too much on here. It’s odd to be on WordPress now lol I’m so use to blogger lol πŸ˜‚ and focusing on tutorials and your giveaway is good. I have two going on now and I’m losing it lol. One has 1k views and the other is almost 500. 😍 I’ll be sharing yours again today though. Hehe


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