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Review | Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette

Nothing since September, man can life get away from me sometimes.

There are still products being bought, used and tested I do promise you that. One that was in a recent purchase was the Sweet Peach Glow palette, which I unfortunately don’t have any photos of, so here is a stock steal for anyone who doesn’t know what I am talking about.


Isn’t that just adorable? Not to mention the sweet sweet smell of fuzzy peaches. Such high hopes for a product that was in production and creation for well over a year, perhaps even more. After the huge hype around the Sweet Peach eye shadow palette (which I missed out on the first round), I assumed this would hit it out of the park.

I should have known better.

If only for the fact that it was $52 for such a small amount of product.

But I didn’t. Because I never learn.

There was so much hate spewing out of me for this product that it has already been returned. Less than 24 hours after purchase, I am a collector. Not having a piece of a collection is sacrilege.

The highlight– Was the only saving grace, but I couldn’t shell out $52 to keep a smelly palette for a measly little champagne gold highlight which could be recreated by many, many others in my collection. Who not only wore the shade better, but wore it longer as well.

The blush– Oh I’m so sorry. This was a blush? Are we all sure about that? Because I had to go so far as DIG into it with my brush to get no pay off in colour. My brush is damaged, so is my spirit, how am I supposed to trust again? There was nothing on my face. NOTHING.

The bronzer- In no way can I classify this as a bronzer. It shows up in a swatch on my hand as a highlight, and I am in no way tanned at the moment. It’s orange based and yucky and looks more like a darker highlight than a bronzer. Also minimal to no pick up at all, and TEENY.

$52? You CRAZY?! I would rather buy 1.5 specialty coffees from starbucks for that.

To sum it up? Don’t waste your money. This gets 1/5 peaches, only because it smelled good enough to eat, and I can appreciate some tin packaging.

download (1).jpg

12 thoughts on “Review | Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette”

  1. “my brush is damaged… so is my spirit…” OMG I’ve missed you, bahahaha! Sorry it didn’t work for you, but glad I can save my money! I was thinking about getting it too. Did you get the blush!? It’s too cute!!! $30 is a lot for a blush though :-/

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  2. Honestly, Too Faced has disappointed me with a lot of their products. The Chocolate Soleil Bronzer has really been the only product I enjoyed from that brand, and sadly it breaks me out so I can’t even use it. I appreciate your review though, very witty and fun!

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