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Brands I Rarely Buy From & Why – Nars

This is one that has been popping into my head for awhile now. I seem to stick to certain brands and completely avoid others and never really sat down to think about why.

So here we are with a new series I can write about without having to spend any money. Let’s kick it off with everyones’ least favourite brand right now due to them kicking away their cruelty free tag. nars_logo-300x225.jpg

I am sure everyone is going to assume I am picking them for the start of this series because of their choice to sell in China, and that will be why I don’t want to buy it. False. I don’t buy it for many reasons. 

Things I own from Nars:

4 Blushes in different shades, Bronzer in Laguna, and the Ita brush. I have owned other things, and de-stashed them.  So in 6 products we are sitting at a grand total of $274 Canadian.

Reason the First  – Das Espensive


This is not a matter of me being cheap, I have rung myself out on Natasha Denona on a previous occasion and didn’t regret it for a second. However, I feel like quality and quantity for money just don’t match up with Nars. When I buy from them (which I have, just not often) I almost feel like I am throwing my money out the window. My ability to burn money for no reason is not that of the monopoly guy. I did not pass go and I will not be collecting $200.  More specifically I will not be collecting $274.

Reason the Second – The Packaging

As much as I can appreciate how streamdownload.jpg lined the packaging of their products is, to me it’s not realistic or functional. It is CONSTANTLY DIRTY and setting off all my “keep the may-cups clean” alarms. You pick those babies up once with foundation on your fingers? BOOM PRINTS. Smeary prints.

The second annoyance with the packaging? Anything from their regular line all has the same packaging, you can’t tell one shade from another, and there are no identifying marks, it makes me crazy.  I know this is a move a considerable amount of manufacturer’s pull, however, this won’t be the only brand in this series.

Reason the Third- It Fails to Inspire

Can we just check out their ONE current eye shadow palette. (This is my js1934066-main-Lheroam, always with the shadows).   Also, yes you read that correctly, one. I’m just saying… it’s been done, and for less than $75 for 1.4g of shadow. From my experience from palettes I have bought and returned, basic marks of quality aren’t even there. So I have quickly given up on even trying them anymore. Someone tell me, when is it time to try again? Or should I really just give up the ghost, and let it go?

In conclusion, I should probably let them have the fact that I know their lip pencils are pretty great. They weren’t included in my “products I own” because I didn’t pay for them, so I don’t think it’s fair to include them in a tag of a brand I don’t purchase.

I am not currently cruelty free, only because I feel it’s difficult to do where I have SO much in my collection that is not and I couldn’t in my right mind throw it away. However I am an animal lover and can’t stand the thought of how much it must hurt those poor fur babies for them to be tested on and how they are likely mistreated. I am disappointed in Nars as a company for them to decide to leave the cruelty free world without much explanation other than wanting to distribute in China. All hail the all mighty buck.


6 thoughts on “Brands I Rarely Buy From & Why – Nars”

  1. So glad to see you on here! I agree with your assessment of Nars. I don’t like the price or the packaging. So I haven’t tried much from them as a result. I finally splurged on a lipstick and they start selling in China a month later.. real bummer. Also! You don’t have to toss all your shit to be CF! You just have to do the best you can. I still buy home stuff that isn’t Cruelty Free and the other day I was selfish and bought a nail polish remover that wasn’t just cause I needed one and didn’t feel like driving to another store. But I think every little bit helps.

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  2. Nice to see you on here again!

    I agree Nars is just crazy spendy. I only own one foundation from them. And I waited until the VIB sale at Sephora because I refused to pay full price for it.

    As for cruelty-free, I buy it when I can and find products that I like that work for me. But I have some I absolutely refuse to give up (my Revlon, Lancome & Estée Lauder foundations mainly), because they’re the best I have ever used and nothing tops them. And I’ve given up on China ever ending animal testing. They’re basically their own little planet and they’re going to do whatever they want, everyone else be damned.

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  3. Great post! I’m a huge fan of NARS. Their radiant creamy concealer and orgasm blush are some of my holy grail products. It’s unfortunate that they decided to go against their beliefs to make extra money. I’ll no longer be purchasing their products.

    Thanks again for sharing!

    Valerie |


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