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The Most Impressive Liquid Lipstick EVER

There are certain things in life that I am sure of. Some of them are listed below

  • dogs are the best
  • there is not an eye shadow palette on the planet,  I don’t immediately want to stick on my face in some fashion
  • If it’s sparkly I want to touch it
  • ABH has THE BEST liquid lipsticks on the planet.

All of these things are still true. Until today, where my world was rattled by a new liquid lipstick formula.

Emattelipgroup3_5aa803a1-f437-4085-932e-ba8c669fec63_1024x1024.jpgnter: Girlactik Matte Lip paints. ($23) This came into my life when my friend Kirsten (from NoBlandMakeup) came to visit me for Gen Beauty Toronto and brought me one of these babies as she made an order and was sent two. She’s nice like that.

I wore it today for the first time not expecting much, all too often I try a new liquid lipstick and end up with weird wear patterns, butthole lip lines, or flaky poo lips.

Typically my lips are sore, and look cracked by the end of the day and dare I say, they even look the lip version of tired?

I wasn’t even going to write this review until I had worn it a few more times and concluded this isn’t a fluke. It’s worn so well and lasted so long I can’t stay quiet and have to post now.  THERE IS NO



This isn’t a good photo, but it’s all I have and I want to show the wear halfway through the day, after breakfast, two coffees, a snack, and water. Not to mention multiple conference calls and generally talking my face off at work.

Nothing, not a wear line to be found, not a patch. My lips feel smooth and moisturized. I don’t feel like I have to check every few mins to make sure its not smearing anywhere. This is incredible.

My immediate reaction is to go on their website and order every single colour and throw all the rest of my liquid lipsticks in the garbage. Then I remember that we are poor and have no money to do so, and I digress.

Let me know your thoughts on this product if you have tried it and if I should try anything else that Girlactik puts out.

Description on their website: Known as one of the original Liquid Lipsticks and BEST selling formula…You are the artist to your lips with the Long Wear Matte Lip Paint Liquid Lipstick. Apply this richly pigmented lip paint on to your lips and within one minute it will dry down to a beautiful matte color that will be noticeably dramatic without the dryness or flaking. Your lips are sure to look mattie-full!! Did you know Girlactik gives the most product in a vial for matte lippies? You get 7.5ML…that’s more than double of most brands!


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