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Shopping My Stash – Items I Forgot About

There is no way in the world that I am the only one who does this, we all get wrapped up in the world of new releases and buy buy buy culture.

This post is dedicated to my fallen soldiers who I am currently powering back through. The old loves, the forgotten friends, those work horse products that so lovingly stood by me when they were a favourite or just plain old didn’t work for me at the time, and I have given a second chance to.

  1. ABH World Traveler Limited Edition (no longer available)2290621.jpgI bought this knowing I would love the warm tones and want to rub that lovely pink champagne all over my face, used it probably ten times, it went in the drawer after my initial review and didn’t make it back out for some time. Fast forward to today when I saw it, and was like yup. I’m going to be using this today, and now I am likely going to leave it out for the rest of the week to show it some love.

2.  Lorac Unzipped $55.05 CAD


Having been stuck in a phase of warm tone mattes, I also forgot about a past love of rose and rose shimmers. Purple, and purple gold were all that life was about for a very long time. With the ability to do a light shimmer, or a dark smokey eye this is a palette that needs to make it out into the world more often.

3. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Liar (No longer available) 

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I wore this lipstick everyday for a very long time. My best friend gave it to me when she asked me to be her MOH in her wedding, and had the bullet engraved with “Maid of Honor” and gave me a lovely card to go with it. Why did I stop wearing it might you ask? I was afraid it would run out, and I would then have an empty lipstick that I was emotionally attached too. Now it makes sense in my mind, not to have a lipstick that was going bad in my collection. Better get using it again! The colour was a perfect nude brick that reacts well with the pigmentation in my lips, and gives me a beautiful MLBB shade.



There are very few products I feel like I can’t dupe, and this is one of them. I was so devastated when it was discontinued from Sephora that I went on a rampage and tried 10 different top coats/systems and nothing kept my nails from chipping the way this did. Enter buying a shellac system. It works, of course it does, because you are literally hardening Gel to your nails with UV rays! Then this came back online fast and quick in the sephora clearance section and I bought up everything I could. I am now on my fifth day of my manicure using this system with only a bit of tip wear. There is nothing like it on this planet. NOTHING.


5. L’oreal True Match Lumi (Most Drugstores $14.99+)

I used to live and die by this foundation when I was younger. There are bottles and bottles of it in my collection. Multiple different shades, for all seasons worth of tans.

At some point in the midst of trying out and falling in love with multiple other foundations and finishes, the sweet Lumi Lady fell to the back of my vanity, in it’s little basket full of it’s brothers and sisters.

After we moved house, I must have spent more time outside than I thought because I had to pull out the darkest shade of foundation I own, and you better believe it was Lumi, and you better believe that formula is what has been on my face for the rest of days.

I am going to try and do one of these posts a month with new products that I have shopped from my stash, let me know if you like them, and the way they are formatted 🙂

What products have you mistreated and are working on their forgiveness?!

8 thoughts on “Shopping My Stash – Items I Forgot About”

  1. I love the Lorac Unzipped palette so much.

    FYI you can still get the shade Liar in Urban Decay’s Vice lipstick line (it’s what replaced all the Revolution lipsticks). I have she sheer version of Liar and the gloss. I agree it’s such a great shade.

    I’ve been shopping my stash for the last 3 or 4 months now. I’ve hardly bought anything new outside a few things I’ve picked up at the CCOs at a few outlet malls I’ve visited recently. I realized I have too much and need to use what I have befits it goes wonky.

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      1. Oh I know I spent WAAAAY too much money on makeup last year. And I knew I needed to get myself under control. At least until I find a better paying job. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I love that ABH World Traveler palette. Such a unique combination, and would love to hear how you managed to work that Azure blue shade into a daily look! I’m definitely guilty of forgetting about certain products when it comes to beauty – I’ll definitely be having a dig around in my collection after reading this. Great post. x

    Liked by 1 person

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