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It’s been 11 months since my last Ipsy

While flitting around on the web I have noticed a considerable amount of people posting their goodies from their Ipsy subscriptions. Like a poisonous influx of the $10 makeup subscription all over my social medias trying to get into my wallet.

What better time to review if I regret my decision to cancel or not. 

A quick Coles Notes on what Ipsy is… $10 USD for (typically) 4 deluxe size samples, 1 full size item, and a small makeup bag that the items meander their way to your maildownloadbox in.

These items could include beauty tools, makeup, skin, nail, or hair care. You complete a survey based on your preferences, and the bag is lovingly filled and shipped to you.


It eventually shows up in the brightest pink envelope you will ever see. The items can then be reviewed on their website for points that you can redeem for other products. (Mostly full size options).




Overall Cost Savings – $198

For a Canadian, this is big money. I was on average paying between $17-$19 a month. So lets say we average it at $18.

I know. I know. But it only costs $10! WRONG! For Canadians it’s $10, plus $5 shipping, plus exchange. We all know the dollar is not the best at the moment, so we are pretty close to paying $20 for this service. I would rather pay the $40 for Boxycharm where I get 5 full size items, and the customer service is better.

I no longer subscribe to any beauty boxes, more so because I could not dignify the cost when I knew we were moving, and there is so much makeup in my house that all four of us, dogs included, could wear a full face everyday for 20 years and never run out.

Final Thoughts

Do I regret my decision to cancel? No. I don’t think I do. I miss coming home after a bad day to that beautiful bubble mailer popping out of my mailbox. Even if I wasn’t buying makeup that month to save money I knew I would get to try out SOMETHING new.


That’s not enough for me anymore, I want items in my collection only if they are adding value, as opposed to items I keep just to HAVE things. It’s not enough to have things, the things have to make me happy! That’s why I have so many puppies… They make me happy. See below.. how could they not?


For those of you who are interested in previous Beauty Box posts, please check out my channel HERE.

Thanks so much for reading 🙂

15 thoughts on “It’s been 11 months since my last Ipsy”

  1. I’ve had my Ipsy subscription since they began. I like it, but often get things I will never use. I’ve started giving the unwanted items to my co-workers. I’m only paying $10 a month. I don’t think I would pay $20. Have you tried Sephora Play? It’s $10 a month as well. I like this more than Ipsy. I do enjoy getting that pink padded envelope every month. Great post.


  2. I feel like a lot of the time anybody has a hobby or is really into something they eventually reach the point where they become a lot more selective about it. Probably because money starts to matter more and you have less time to spend so you want to spend on things you know you’ll actually like a lot.

    Except if I had money to burn, then I’d get it all. Obviously not referring to makeup. Probably not…

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  3. I’ve never had any subscription boxes. Sometimes I think about getting Boxycharm but then I never do. Maybe one day I’ll pull the trigger.


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