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Brands I Rarely Buy From : Colour Pop

Here I am, at it again. Today I am coming at you with another brand I don’t throw my money at with intensity.


Colourpop came out of no where, with their lippie stix being pedaled all over social media, and their super shock eye shadows were creating quiet the stir.  Everytime I filled up my cart with those beautiful little nuggets of mousy shadow, something in me has always screamed ABORT ABORT ABORT, right before check out.

The first time Ig74en.jpg abandoned my cart I was pretty sure if one more makeup package showed up on our door step my husband would change the locks and I would be homeless forever. There are a lot of things I will be homeless for, but single shadows aren’t one of those things. Come talk to me when you find an epic palette.

The second time, I was in a panning phase. I knew damn well I have about 20 000 single shadows sitting in the second drawer of my Alex tower, screaming for me to use them, and stop being so hateful towards them. I always want them until I have th47267877.jpgem, and then carry on using my palettes instead.

Alas, a sale! Now I don’t feel bad about ordering anything because its ON SALE! Who can pass up such a good deal!? Dory me. ES-Cap-e. One day I did eventually figure out that no matter how cute the single shadows look all organized and pretty, or how good the sale was, it doesn’t mean I will use them. They will go in the drawer, and never come out.

After about six months, of the old cart fill up and abandon dance I started to intently watch reviews. More and more people (who weren’t paid to say good things) were launching more honest reviews. The lippie stixs were dry and flaky…. shadows were drying up and not being able to be used after only a few months. There was also some reports of sketchy business ethics as well, so I stopped regretting not picking up these products.

The releases never stopped, and although I was on their mailing lists I was never phased by them. Highlighters, Bronzers, Matte Liquid Lipsticks, Metallics, and now pressed shadows and Youtuber collaborations galore.

I was going to me-spends-200-plus-online-shopping-shipping-5-99-me-shipping-5793635bite the bullet very recently, it was time for me to just do it, but then THE DAMN SHIPPING WAS INSANITY. Everyone– I know. I just won’t pay stupid prices for shipping.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you are all Colour Poppin!

– Candice

14 thoughts on “Brands I Rarely Buy From : Colour Pop”

  1. I love ColourPop! But does it take forever to be shipped to you? It takes like 2.5 weeks to be shipped to me, and I live in mainland US!

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  2. I’ve only placed a few orders with ColourPop but I’ve been happy with pretty much everything I’ve gotten from them. My Super Shock shadows are 2 years old and still going strong. The new pressed shadows are really nice. Only disappoint is the Ultra Matte liquid lipstick. The formula is WAAAAY too drying on me, even using a balm underneath and topping with gloss. So I tossed that one. But outside of that one dud…

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      1. I admit I want to order more of the pressed shadows and maybe a couple more Ultra Satin lippies. Saw they just came out with concealer and pressed powder bronzer & highlights. Heard good things about the new nail polishes too.

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  3. I’m so with you here. I’ve tried two of their lippie stix (which admittedly were not bad and fairly comfortable/long lasting for matte lipsticks) and their pressed single shadows (which were also not bad, but not worth $5 each). But otherwise I always abandon my cart. I’m intrigued because they are trendy but that’s it.

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