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Editorial Sephora Pro Palette Review

There isn't much these days that makes me raise an eyebrow and be like YUP I need to review/buy that. Most things I buy now are original/different, or have to really blow my skirt up. When I saw the pictures posted for the new Sephora Pro palettes on @trendmood1 I was surprised. Not because of… Continue reading Editorial Sephora Pro Palette Review

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Can we all settle down on the drama?

Guys... It's not that serious. It's just make up. If it's not working for you. Return it. What am I referring to you may wonder? Well... Let me just rustle up a screen cap of what a search on YouTube gets you for "Subculture review" I much prefer to stay away from reviews of new… Continue reading Can we all settle down on the drama?

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Hold the phone NYX!

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT, NOW I HAVE SEEN IT ALL. I was browsing around on, to see what I can waste some money on and actually bite the bullet and get it delivered to Canada.... since I still haven't taken advantage of yet. You know the old song and dance.... Makeup....New arrivals.... OOOOO SHINY! Oh… Continue reading Hold the phone NYX!