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Hold the phone NYX!


I was browsing around on, to see what I can waste some money on and actually bite the bullet and get it delivered to Canada…. since I still haven’t taken advantage of yet.

You know the old song and dance…. Makeup….New arrivals…. OOOOO SHINY!

Oh hey there NYX has a new palette, looks like one of those old cheesy ones, which are sometimes a  sweet score! Lets take a look.

beautystaplepalette_main.jpgOh…. Whats this? It’s $65 CAD?!! How is this even possible?

What is this world I am living in where a NYX drugstore palette is $65? I am actually over the moon angry about this.

These are DRUGSTORE quality products. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but this is INSANE.

I am beyond disappointed in this price point. How is anyone supposed to afford these items if this is the rate of inflation on makeup? Eventually the cash cow is going to run out, and these makeup companies are going to be in big trouble. /rantfin.png

8 thoughts on “Hold the phone NYX!”

  1. NYX is trying to switch rolls and on some of their products it says “professional makeup” with that I think they’re trying to earn a reputation as a professional brand vs drugstore. I do like when CVS does specials with coupons on NYX. That’s about the only time I buy any NYX stuff.

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  2. Oh I agree drugstore prices are getting out of hand. Part of me feels like NYX wants to convert into a high end brand (I’ve noticed on their social media they went from being called NYX Cosmetics to NYX Professional Makeup 🙄).

    The couple palettes I’ve had from NYX are mediocre at best (fine for a beginner but… yeah). I’ve heard great things about the Avant Pop palettes and my bday gift from Ulta this month is a NYX palette. But those train case sets lack in quality 80% of the time (again fine for a beginner).

    I just don’t get their logic.

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  3. I absolutely agree! Drug store prices are going up and quality isn’t. For some of the prices being charged, I’d rather buy high end and know the quality is going to be pretty good (at least it should be).


    1. I feel like ulta is way pricier than it should be… EG For me to buy the toobfaced pb and J was $58 CAD. But if we buy the 9 pan palettes here it’s $45 CAD. What’s that about ulta?


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