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Can we all settle down on the drama?

Guys… It’s not that serious. It’s just make up. If it’s not working for you. Return it.

What am I referringCapture.PNG to you may wonder? Well… Let me just rustle up a screen cap of what a search on YouTube gets you for “Subculture review”

I much prefer to stay away from reviews of new products until I have tested them out myself, but this one, was next to impossible to do so.

The drama was explosive. Beauty “gurus” grinding their brushes into palettes and being surprised when it turns into a massive shit storm of a mess… what did they think was going to happen?

The amount of OMG! WTF! ?DISGUSTING! @#$% all over social media and directed at Anastasia is shocking, and wildly over dramatic. Β It is well within our rights as bloggers to not like a product or to

I bought this palette, I own this palette, I use this palette. I have used it almost everyday for a week.

This is what it looked like at the time of purchase. Beforeand this is where we are at 7 days of use later… (apologies for different lighting, one had studio lights, and one did not)FullSizeRender

Do you SEE THERE IS NO PAN?! DO YOU SEE IT LOOKS ALMOST THE SAME?! Thank the lord for the fact that I am not a savage with my eye shadows and I am not using a pitch fork to apply? Phew. Goodness sakes that was a close one!

As of the time of the after photo I have used all of the shades with the exception of Dawn. Not for any particular reason, I just happen to not have used it yet.

I am asking politely as one human to another, can we please stop creating drama around this release? If you don’t like this item, please feel free to return it. If it doesn’t work for you, doesn’t blend, or you just don’t like the shades, please feel free to give it an open and honest review, but PLEASE stop with the consistent swirling of your brushes into it until you burn out so much product you hit pan on purpose. Stop with the over dramatics. It’s exhausting, and you are making something of nothing.

There are so many other products I have watched people “make work” that are more expensive and worse quality. (Natasha D, I am looking at your palettes).

What are your thoughts on Subculture-Gate? Too much? Seems ridiculous? or totally founded on reason?

20 thoughts on “Can we all settle down on the drama?”

  1. I agree it’s just makeup, but there does seem to have been some kind of quality control issue here – some people have no problems some people have had issues that can’t be ignored and it’s pricey makeup so you do have a certain level of expectation when you’re spending that kind of money.
    In the UK we can’t return makeup simply because we don’t like it, you’re stuck with it once you’ve bought it!
    Either way, these shades aren’t for me – so wouldn’t be buying, but I can see where the annoyance would come from, and I’d rather people say if they aren’t impressed with something rather than lie or not talk about it, people call out youtubers and bloggers out when they think they’re being too nice about something as they think it’s #ad or #spon, yet when something negative comes up they can’t say anything?!
    But pleased for you that you got a palette that you liked and can work with!

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    1. In my post I did say they should absolutely give it a bad review if they don’t like it.

      My point is more on the avenue of, if you dig your brush into anything as aggressively as some of these people are – it’s obviously going to crumble and go everywhere. I also understand that they have already said there is an issue with a few batches, so people should let it go as far as I’m concerned, and stop putting up video after video of these ridiculously over dramatic reactions

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  2. Kailey’s post on this yesterday touched on what basically is the deal with this palette. They changed the formula but did the dumb thing of marketing it as a “sister” to Modern Renaissance when it really isn’t.

    But yeah the way these makeup “experts” dig into palettes and how they swatch things is ridiculous. They’ll go over they back of their hand 10 times with a lipstick and go, “Oh it’s SOOOO pigmented!” Hell even the sheerest gloss would come off as opaque if I went over it that many times. You’re wasting product you dipsh*ts!

    As for me. This palette looks really pretty. I haven’t bought any new palettes in almost a year. And this makes me wasn’t to break my no-buy (especially since I have a JC Penney gift card my dad sent me for my birthday and you can use JCP gift cards in the Sephoras inJCP). But I want to search this in person to see for myself if I actually want it or not.

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    1. I agree with most things Kailey says, I guess my point with this is how ridiculous everyone is being, what happened to being able to review a product calmly and maturely? #needmorekaileys


  3. This palette looks so beautiful, and people tend to have a habit of kicking up a fuss to get attention! I’m digging those shades btw

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      1. I’m very much liking the olive greens and burnt orange tones. Purple is still a little out of my comfort zone, but i’m getting there 😁

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      2. Haha I just looove olive greens, purple seems to look brash on me, no idea why… maybe i just need to find the right purple for me πŸ˜€

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  4. 100% agree with you. After 10 days of use (about 15 uses) and me using Dawn almost all 15 of those times (Dawn probably being the most powdery shade that was in my palette) I didn’t hit pan on anything either. You read my post so there is no sense i my rehashing it here, but for sure the drama is too much…

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  5. I’ve been using mine for about a week and I actually really like it!! I feel like there’s just as much fall out as the modern renaissance and other shadows from other brands, I kind of like that consistency!

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  6. Totally agree with the wtf about people digging their brushes into shadows like that; I own a couple Lorac palettes and they all do that exact same thing. I’m okay with it because I love soft shadows – they blend like a dream and if that means I can’t go in like a savage with my brush than so be it. No biggie.

    Some of the blending issues I saw were a bit suspicious to me but ultimately it’s not a palette I’m interested in anyway. Regardless people need to CALM DOWN about it – gotta love the makeup mob mentality! πŸ˜‰

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    1. Totally agree it was like a self feeding tornado. Emily Noel just put it in her faves lol which makes me laugh because she’s one of the only ones that doesn’t subscribe to the makeup Influencer life. She just goes about her business


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