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Editorial Sephora Pro Palette Review

There isn’t much these days that makes me raise an eyebrow and be like YUP I need to review/buy that. Most things I buy now are original/different, or have to really blow my skirt up.

When I saw the pictures posted for the new Sephora Pro palettes on @trendmood1 I was surprised. Not because of anything in the shade range, or my particular distaste for the Sephora eyeshadow formula, but for the price. $85 for a Sephora brand palette? Are you nuts? Apparently I am, because I picked up all three to test and review to see if it was worth the price, and I will be providing reviews and comparisons for all!All Palettes.jpg

The items launched are the Cool, Warm, and Editorial. I almost missed the Editorial release, but I managed to sneak it in here too.

Editorial $85 CAD


Each palette contains 28 shadows at 1.2g each. This breaks down to $3.03 per shadow. In comparison to a standard shadow size (I will use Mac for comparison) which is $8 for 1.5g, so the Sephora Pros although pricey are ringing in slightly cheaper than other mid range shadow singles.

I don’t find photos of swatches to tell a true story, especially where shimmers or holographic shades are concerned. So I decided to take a quick video instead to show the true swatches.


All swatches were done over NO primer, and with a quick touch into the pan and then dotted onto the skin, in the order of the palette placement. I have also taken a tour through some of my collection to come up with some comparable items. I have been working on products that can double duty as well.


Editorial Swatches Over No Primer
  1. Porcelain – Matte cream white
  2. White Gold – Holographic gold shift
  3. Rose Quartz – Holographic pink shift
    • Dupe: KVD Alchemist Palette “Pink opal”
  4. Juliet T – Holographic green shit
    • Dupe: KVD Alchemist Palette “Green emerald”
    • Dupe: ABH Aurora Palette “Helia”
  5. Moonstone – Holographic blue purple shift
    • Dupe: ABH Aurora Palette “Luna”
  6. Ice- Intense Silver Glitter
    • Dupe: UD Vice 2 “Shellshock”
    • Dupe: UD Electric “Revolt”
  7. Silver Coin – Dark grey shimmer
  8. Tangerine – Matte bright orange
    • Dupe: Morphe 35C “eyeshadow 14”
  9. Amy – Matte bright coral
    • Dupe: Stila Countless Colour Pigment “Finale”
  10. Eliza D – Matte Bright Red Fuschia
  11. Tiila – Matte Bright Pink
    • Dupe: UD Electric Palette “Savage”
    • Dupe: MUFE Single “no75”
  12. Myiesha – Matte Purple Pink
  13. Electric Violet – Matte Neon Purple
    • Natasha Denona “82V Nina’s Orchid (Satin)”
  14. Adi – Dark Purple Shimmer
  15. Champagne – Champagne Shimmer
  16. Jeffery – Matte Neon Green
    • Dupe: UD Electric “Thrash” (Satin)
  17. Helen P – Matte Turquoise Teal
    • Dupe: Natasha Denona “84V Powder Blue”
  18. Grass – Forest green shimmer
  19. Shawn – Deep Blue Teal Matte
  20. Chris- Matte Cerulean Blue
  21. Dina – Royal Blue Navy Shimmer
  22. Pink Quartz – Light Pink Champagne Glitter
    • Dupe: ABH Pink Champagne
  23. Wendy G – Deep Gold Shimmer
  24. Lou- Champagne Gold Shimmer
  25. Karoline – Dark Rose Blush Glitter
    • Dupe: Huda Beauty Rose Gold
  26. Hector E – Burnt Orange Shimmer
    • Dupe: ABH  Subculture Adorn
  27. David- Dark Taupe Shimmer
    • Dupe: Huda Beauty Dubai
  28. Ilde – Straight black
    • Dupe – Any basic black

Overall Review: I firmly believe that this formula has improved from the last Sephora brand palette I had – Circa 2009. Those palettes were so bad I actually threw them away and never bought anything from Sephora brand again.

The matte shades are far superior to the textured shimmers in my opinion. They are opaque and soft, but  being soft and pliable leads to a considerable amount of kick up. I would compare the kick up to that of the ABH Renaissance.

For those of us who are comfortable in colour and don’t mind tossing some pink in the crease as a transition shade, this palette is for us! For those of you who are more comfortable with just a pop of colour, you will need another palette to support this… perhaps this was done on purpose so we felt compelled to pick up the Warm or Cool versions? Marketing plans at their finest!

Some comparable palettes from my collectionMorphe 35C .jpg

Morphe 35C $19.99 USD

This is the first palette that popped into my head when I opened the Editorial. Although not identical, there are a considerable amount of similarities.

The Morphe palette is all mattes and is an excellent option for someone looking for colourful shadows in their collection. The Morphe palette also gives a better bang for your buck, in regards to a colourful palette crossed with something more wearable. There are a considerable amount of transition shades included in the 35C, which is something the Editorial lacks.

Huda Beauty Textured Shadow Palette  $85

Although this doesn’t totally dupe just the Editorial, (as it only dupes some of the shimmers), I found myself reaching for this in comparison. They are just all too close to the same shades/finishes that I would call this a dupe for those shades.  Most of the shimmer shades are almost too much for me, they need to be foiled, and primed, and packed (preferably with synthetic brush). They require the same amount of work from both palettes, and it’s just not work I typically want to sign up for.

For the difference in price point between the two of these, I would rather throw my money at the Editorial.

Urban Decay Electric Palette $24

Again although they are not exact dupes, I find alot of similarities in shades I would reach for between these two palettes. The shades are great to support each other, and there are similar looks that could easily be pulled from both.


9 thoughts on “Editorial Sephora Pro Palette Review”

  1. $85 for a palette? A Sephora brand palette? Good lawd. No way. I hate plunking down even $50 for a palette. Oh wait that’s the Canadian price. I see it’s $68 in the States. That’s still a lot. I’ve never been truly impressed with most Sephora brand palettes/shadows outside of a few single shades. Looking forward to your review.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I keep forgetting you’re in Canada. Price conversion is ridiculous. You’re getting ripped off. For reals.

        I’m going to Sephora tonight to search that controversial Subculture palette. Eek!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. We’ll see how I like it after o see it in person. I need to see if I have dupes for those duochrome shades already in my collection.


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