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Boxycharm Product Fail – LAQA & Co Lipstick

As I sit and write this, I realize I have never actually written from the mobile app before. I’m waiting for an oil change and in the past while I have thought many times how I don’t do enough posting or things I love. So let’s start out 2018 with capitalizing on some downtime. Also forgive any weird formatting because I certainly have no idea how this is going to turn out from my iPad. (Thanks for the sweet Christmas gift husband)

Well, well, well. There is a lot of great things I love about Boxycharm, and discovering new and awesome products I didn’t know were missing in my life is one of those things. HOWEVER this is not one of those times.

In November I received a lip product that somehow managed to sit on my vanity until now before I decided to take her for a rip. Mistake. Should have left it. This product you ask, its the LAQ A & CO. Cloud Lips and retails at $17. No joke LAQ A & Co…. I will pay you $17 to keep this the hell away from me. I received the darker shade, which I was digging at the time I opened it. Who doesn’t love a good vampy lip?img_0285

Beautiful packaging I will give them that, but so difficult to apply. Even using a lip liner, it was so difficult to make this look nice, it pulled on the lips, did not have a nice point to get a straight line and made it very difficult to operate as you couldn’t see what you were doing.

After much pulling and dragging and trying to achieve a smooth application I noticed it feathering within MINUTES. How does that even happen? Feathering isn’t even something I have an issue with, my lip line has products on lock. They stay put and that’s just how we live.

There are very few makeup products that I have had such a violent reaction of dislike to in my life. I actually immediately took a few pictures and thought “Man I have to tell the people!”

Apologies for the terror your are about to endure in these photos….


BUT LOOK AT THESE CHUNKS! WHAT ARE THOSE?! I kept pulling them off with tweezers and then I would apply a bit more and they would come right back. Please avert your eyes from the horror… Have any of you tried this product?


Did it work for you? Let me know what you think down below!

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