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Small Makeup Declutter..

I have to do this in baby steps but I do know this is something that needs to be done. At the beginning of the year I sat down and started pulling out some items from my collection that I KNOW I don’t use. It’s been well over a year, or they are just products that I know don’t work for me, and never will.

I do intend to keep up with weekly “Use it or lose it baskets” Which will be products I pull from collection to use during that week/two week period, and if they are still not used I will declutter them. There will also be some videos coming of bigger purges as well I am sure.

So to start.. here is what I have done so far.

Drugstore Eyeshadows 

I see a lot of products here, that I bought when they were on sale, or bought strictly to review knowing they weren’t really for me. Carry on for a more detailed breakdown of what and why these products are here. 

img_1006-e1515960959897.jpgMaybelline Color Molten Duos

These were purchased at Shoppers on clearance for about $1. There was a reason they were on clearance, which leaves me to believe once again, that just because something is on sale doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. See more money saving tips here.  I really loved the shades that were available, but unfortunately those colours really don’t transfer onto the eyes. Or in a swatch for that matter, they were just a wash of shadow with nothing much else happening, and yes I mean no colour pay off at all.

IMG_2193Wet n’ Wild Shadows

With these I feel there needs to be some honesty hour… there is nothing wrong with these, they are actually fantastic products. The shadows are smooth and pigmented, I just don’t reach for these if I want to create a look that incorporates any of these shades. I would be reaching for Morphe for the greens, and the rest I would create looks using the colours in the UD Electric Palette, or my Sugarpill quads.

Essence Mini Palettes img_5184.jpg

These are a few items I had bought for review, and liked for the most part. They just aren’t shades that I would keep in my regular repertoire. I have kept the roses version of these palettes, that was given out at GenBeauty last year. Pastels aren’t my favourite, and don’t compliment me much when it really comes down to it. See my original review here. I truly don’t believe there is anything wrong with them, and I stand by my original statements they just aren’t for me anymore.

The rest of these are just a mish-mash of things I have picked up over the years, an Ipsy collab that came in a bag… This is just one of many neutral palettes I own and this one I have never even touched.

Caryl Baker, Colour Trio that I loved the look of but never thought of how cohesive it really was to create a look, and it clearly doesn’t really go.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip- I wanted to love this, but it was just chalky and blah, and I feel like it was a waste of money even though it was on clearance. Again… just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean it was a good deal

Flower Beauty Quads- These were some of the first products that were released in Drew Barrymore’s line. They were nice colours, but the wearability just wasn’t there, and they would be faded off within hours of application. This is certainly not a cute look.

Pacifica Trio- Blah. So much blah. I believe this also came from an Ipsy bag, and I have yet to have a Pacific product do anything but disappoint me with their chalky lack of pigmentation. So away it goes.

High-End Products & a Few Bits




Urban Decay The Fun Palette: I liked this for along time, but it’s just not something I reach for anymore, and the main shades I have in this palette are actually duplicated in many of the other palettes I own.

Lorac Mint Edition: The blush in this palette is beautiful, and it’s a nice quality palette, however, the range isn’t enough for me to think of it in my collection and actually reach for it. I would depot the blush but I think this will be happier with someone else so I don’t want ot destroy something so beautiful!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance: It’s. Just. Old. I don’t feel safe putting this near my eyes anymore, so it’s just time for this one to hit the bin.

Bobbi Brown Mini Palette: No joke people. This was the biggest waste of a 500 point perk I have ever come across in my life. The quality is terrible, and there is little to no pigment at all in the eyeshadows. No thank you, you are just taking up space.



I’m not surprised all of these are in this declutter, the bronzers are too dark and covered in sparkles, I know I will never use them, because I don’t use bronzers like that and I never have.

The foundation was gifted to me but unfortunately is a few shades too light.

The last two items are a liquid highlight and a liquid bronzer, same story here as well, I don’t use liquid highlight very often, if at all and I DEFINITLY don’t wear liquid bronzer.

Thanks so much for stopping in and feel free to drop me a link of your declutters! I need some inspiration!


4 thoughts on “Small Makeup Declutter..”

  1. Oh yeah, this is awesome!
    I decluttered all of my Wet n Wild palettes some time ago but kept Comfort Zone since I do reach for it.
    I find it so painful to declutter higher end stuff. Bye bye money!
    I’m in the midst of a big declutter myself… will be posting later this week!

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