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Alright Boxycharm, We have another bone

to pick…

Part of the reason I actually really liked Ipsy was their rewards program, You could review products and get points to redeem for full size/deluxe sample size products. They weren’t always the best products, but there was always a fairly stellar selection. When I left Ipsy,  (You can see why here)  that was the only thing I knew I would miss.

When I switched to Boxycharm, I was happy to find out they had a similar points system, where you could refer others or review products to gain the “charms” to spend in their Charm shop.

Here is where the bone is. The charm shop has become increasingly terrible. There is NOTHING in it, hardly ever, so now I am sitting on 9000 charms and no where to shop with them. Capture.PNG

I mean… That’s it? What am I going to do with either of those things? There used to be 10-15 products to shop from at any given time, and I feel as though this has been barren for sometime now.

I have also reached out to their customer service to see if there was an issue or we would be seeing an update at some point, but to no avail. The cranky old lady in me wants to be super angry about it, but I will sit with mildly annoyed, due to their kick ass products they keep sending me every month.

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