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Shop My Stash Week 1

Shop my stash has become fairly important to me, for those of you that don’t know what the premise of this is… It’s basically a way to realize if you actually like something that is sitting in your collection, or if you only keep it there because it feels nice to have a pile of make up that IF toppled could kill a small village.

These are the products I chose for last week with a quick explanation of how I feel about them, and if they are stash or trash.

Jeffree Star Androgyny Palette download.jpg

SRP: $62.70 CAD

STASH– This will live another day in my collection. I purchased this from on a whim, and didn’t regret it, however for some reason I was just not reaching for it enough. I tried it out for a week or so when it first landed in my home, then it went into my drawer, I moved and totally forgot about it. I was able to incorporate it into most of my looks for the week in one way or the other, and that is an important part of a good product. How versatile is it? That being said, I only own this and two highlights from JS, the highlights are definitely not my favourite, and I don’t love him as a person, and for no other reason than his typically shit attitude. (Pardon my Francais).

E.LF. Mad for Matte PaletteElf Mad for Matte

SRP: $7.97

STASH- This was just featured in my Palette Recommendation Tag so I am not surprised that I have no intention of getting rid of this. It’s the perfect mix of mattes that can pair with any other products. There is a mild amount of kick up when you put your brush in the shadows, but no more than say the ABH Modern Ren. Definitely less than that. The only reason this was even in the Shop my Stash was because I needed something to easily pair with the other products I had chosen.

aquacream_28716_0MUFE Aqua Cream Eye Shadow

SRP: $29

Undecided : I love this product I truly do, it looks so beautiful on the eyes and really stays all day, I have it in a frosted pink and a muted green, and it’s honestly SO easy to use and make a look with…. but I never reach for it. Thoughts people? Do I just rehome it? Do I trash it? They are getting pretty old at this point. I can’t seem to part with them for whatever reason. Plus I never use cream shadow.

IBY01-22407A-ThreesCompany-Web_b4b98966-a8d2-42ca-a552-672d34cdc0a9IBY Beauty Trio

SRP: $9

Trash– But not actually, I will be re-homing this for someone else to love. I did use it once, and I do like it, it’s a beautiful trio, but I have to be honest with myself that I just don’t reach for it, and have no real reason to, there too many dupes for this in my collection. Bye Bye IBY. Thank you Boxy Charm for sending this in out, it was nice to try the brand, and the quality truly is exceptional.

E.L.F Heart B34bd84c0-3d13-4a2f-ab8e-62823e4f9e6d_1.772988b64e642a1d4ae769badb708459reaker Cream Blush

SRP $10 No longer available

Pending Trash: I would like to say I can keep this, but I really shouldn’t. It’s a beautiful blush and I like it when I use it, but its a pain in the ass to use. I need a special stiple brush that I can never find when I want it. The product is old and starting to look dirty. I am also suspicious it’s making my skin break out. To the bin with you old blush I used to really love.

StarLooks Cream Shadowcs2_1024x1024

SRP: $15

Trash-  I want to love this and I just don’t. It swatches beautifully, but on the eye it cracks, and breaks down and falls all over my face. I believe this one came from Ipsy, and since I quit Ipsy well over a year ago, you can imagine how old this really is. I have the shade rose gold, and it’s a beautiful shade but I do not recommend, and this will be going the way of the trash wagon.

topdowneditNaked Cosmetics  Trio

SRP: $19.99

Trash: I never picked this up once, so yes it was in the basket, but it still didn’t strike my fancy. The pigmentation was definitly impressive when the original swatches were done, but again Boxycharm, this trio can be easily duped and its just taking up real estate.

Pantone Colour of the Year Eyeliner Teal images-2

SRP: No longer available

Trash: I didn’t pick this one up once either.  Not even once, I actually forgot this was even in the basket, and if that is the case I should be coming to terms with the fact that this isn’t for me anymore either. This was from a few years ago, and I had to have it at the time. The usage is probably close to 40-50X so I don’t feel too bad letting it go. It’s time, I’m 32, and sometimes Teal eyeliner just isn’t your jam anymore.

images-3.jpgPUR Eye Polish in Velvet

SRP: $26

Stash: I think I am going to keep this one, I don’t love cream eyeshadow but I was wearing this in my Jolie Beauty Bomb Dot Com Palette review and it was beautiful. So easy to use and work with, not to mention the wearability. This one is more a matter of I forget that I have it. So perhaps I should take it out and put it somewhere that I see it.

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16 thoughts on “Shop My Stash Week 1”

  1. I should do this. I have some things that I thought I wanted at the time….like the Lorac mega pro palette…and I’ve maybe used it twice. I love eye shadows but….I work at a fairly boring and conservative job so I just never wear anything but neutrals! I should reevaluate…

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  2. I’ve been shopping my stash more. I have so many palettes it’s not even funny. I put myself on a palette no-buy so I can use what I have. At least once a week I try to grab for one I haven’t used in awhile.

    I will agree with on Jeffree Star though. I liked him at first but he just started annoying the crap out of me. Only products I have from his is one liquid lipstick and one of the lip scrubs. I will say I LOVE the lip scrub. My lips have been a mess with these cold snaps Florida has gotten (low temps in the 30s-40s is NOT normal down here) and this scrub has helped a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yeah we had a freeze warning a couple nights this week. The strawberry farmers down here iced their plants to lock them in at 32 degrees to protect their crops (damage starts at 24 degrees). Strawberries are a HUGE crop for Florida. We even have an annual Strawberry Festival in Plant City every March (my boyfriend’s band is playing the festival this year).

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  3. This is such a great idea for a post! I feel ya on the Elf blush…sounds like a real pain to use, and even worse if it’s the culprit of breakouts. Elf makes a great concealer compact with the greens and yellows that are good for red spots and under eye circles. Just added you on Twitter & Insta!

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  4. As I was reading your post it brought back memories of how I used to do this because I had so much makeup. Over the years I’ve scaled back to only a few necessities but a part of me misses the good ole days when I had so much to choose from.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it was definitely hard to be like okay Candice…. you didn’t use any of this stuff you need to let it go you won’t even miss it.

      And then my tiny shoulder devil was like “Your arms WILL fall off and and eyes will bleed if you get rid of it”

      Very conflicting Stuff

      Liked by 1 person

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