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Anti Haul 2018 #1

There is so many things about me that have changed since I started this blog. The main one being having to buy every single new product that came out. Three years ago it was about quantity not quality. It was about tools and not technique. I spent some time in the beauty community last night looking at some very talented people’s work and lets be real here, I am just not on that level. 3 years ago, that would have been very discouraging to me, and now I just accept it. There are many more facets to me than makeup. Now I will buy products to review, that are different, something that hasn’t been done, and isn’t duplicated 30 times over.

This being said, welcome to my first anti-haul of 2018. (Not to be confused with Auntie Haul (When your Aunt buys you presents.)

Anything from Kylie Cosmetics

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 7.34.33 PM.pngI WILL NOT give that family my money. There is a deep seeded appreciation for what they have done with their branding, BUT I will not work hours of my life away to hand a rich 19 year old my money. Sorry if I sound like a cranky old lady, but the prices on her products do not = the quality, which makes me even more bitter that she is just charging for her name. Well listen here Kylie. I got my own name, thank you VERY MUCH.

Too Faced White Peach Palettedownload2.jpg

My introductory rant states that I will not be purchasing things that are not original, and well, this sort of is… BUT for some reason it just really doesn’t speak to me. The colours seem blah, and when I look and see these shades, I think.. I have a black, I wont use that weird purple sparkle more than once a year (if that) and the rest of those shades? probably replicated 30 times over in other palettes I have. (Disclaimer: I realize when the collection is as extensive as it is there WILL be duplication of shades, and I can’t expect a company to come up with a new rainbow.) There is also some random similarities between this and the ABH Soft Glam, and I would rather give them my money if it came down to it. Plus it will be cheaper.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 7.42.55 PM.pngBecca Ocean Jewels Eyeshadow Palette

I don’t even have words for why I don’t like this. Actually yes I do they just aren’t very nice… What is this giant packaging for such a small array of eyeshadow? Why do I want to store that? No I don’t want to. Which is why it’s on this list. Sorry Becca, but I truthfully want you to continue hitting it out of the park with face products, and maybe sit out a few more rounds on eyeshadow palettes.

Becca Ocean Jewels Face Palette download-1.jpg

So this is on and off this list, it is off because Becca’s face products are out of this world, and their coloured highlights are some of the most beautifully formulated natural looking things you could ever dust upon your cheeks. It’s on the list because well… I have their pink and purple highlight, I also have the Alchemy palette from KVD which dupes a lot of the things I would do with this baby. And that bright orange gold? That’s just not my jam.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 7.47.24 PM.pngMac Hyper Real Glow Highlight Palettes

Mac has been disappointing me over the years, and I wish they would also stick to what they are good at. They have such fantastic professional makeup, and I feel as though they are trying to cater to a market they shouldn’t. Like BMW marketing to… Toddlers? That seems extreme but hear me out. They are ALWAYS behind the 8 ball with releases, which to me seems like a waste of time. They launched liquid lipsticks a year after everyone else, and now they are one of the last to launch a highlight palette. PLEASE MAC don’t make me hate you on principle, you were my first love and I would like to keep it that way, even if we don’t talk all the time.

Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation huda-foundation.jpg

If you aren’t familiar with my feelings on Huda, please feel free to jump over here and check them out, but needless to say, please refer to my explanation on Kylie, and insert Huda. Stop charging me for your name people.

What aren’t you buying? Do you disagree with my list? Talk me into them if you do! Leave your blog links below and I would be happy to check them out 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Anti Haul 2018 #1”

  1. I agree with all of these!! Kylie will never get a dime from me. Too Faced has been subpar lately. I definitely don’t need highlighting palettes that I’ll either never use or perform poorly! I’m over brands putting out products just to release something “on trend”. Give me something that’s good quality! Something that I’ll never want to put down. Besides the new ABH Soft Glam palette I can’t think of one new or upcoming release that I’m the least bit interested in. I just feel kinda blah about a lot products right now.

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  2. Ha, this could have been my list. I still buy makeup soley for the review, but there are just soooo many releases. It’s ridiculous. I therefore pick and choose what I want to pick up and review a lot more carefully too.

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  3. Ugh, I LOVE the whole “Ocean Jewels” idea that Becca came out with, but the execution of the products in the line is so blah. How boring!
    I don’t know what it is about the palettes coming out lately (including the White Peach palette AND the ABH Soft Glam), I can’t decide if I want any of them. I mean, the colours are somewhat appealing but at the same time so dupeable and bland? I don’t know.

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    1. They are bland but I feel like my ability to truly say I can buy anymore aggressively Coloured products is going away, I’m getting too old :(. The soft glam looks nice. I wish in a serious way that the becca ocean jewels had been a ton of jewel tones

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  4. I agree on Kylie. Or any of that family. Apparently Kourtney just filed for a patent for her own line…. come on, Kylie, Kim now her? It’s weird because their joint Karadashian Beauty line apparently flopped but individually everyone is going apeshit over stuff. 🙄

    That White Peach palette looks pretty but I won’t be buying. I’m back on my palette no-buy.

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