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Lipstick Collection & Declutter

Guys, I finally got up the balls to do a REAL declutter, I had no idea how far down the rabbit hole I had gotten with my lip products, I was almost hitting 300, who could use this much? Not me obviously, especially since I didn’t even like half of them.

I recorded my collection and my declutter, and to be honest, it was fairly savage, with almost half of the collection gone in the end. Some old and expired, some I don’t like, or have terrible formulas. This seems wasteful, but many were also sent in PR, so I try not to feel too bad. It’s a great video to leave on in the background if nothing 🙂

Thanks so much for watching/reading, and feel free to leave your links below.

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16 thoughts on “Lipstick Collection & Declutter”

  1. I’m going ham on my lip product declutter too. I’ve got so much in the toss box. It’s hard letting go (especially of high end stuff), but if I’m not using it…

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  2. Fist bump! That was satisfying!
    I don’t even know why I had so many of those Revlon balm stains – I don’t even like minty scented lip products. 😛 Haha frosty pinks… aren’t they back in style now? You literally own all the iconic MAC lipstick shades! I’m actually not even that into lipsticks – probably my least favourite makeup product.

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