18 thoughts on “Dear Smaller Beauty Gurus…”

  1. Word! I am always a little oblivious to all the thresholds and numbers. I like seeing my own numbers grow but I haven’t monetized any content ever. I already have a job that I love, but I love this too. A human being can have more than one interest (who knew! ***note the sarcasm***). While it would be nice to earn a little bit extra one day, I am enjoying life as it is. I find that commenting on other blogs/ instagrams/ youtube channels is quite possibly the best way to get people noticed. So I try to do so myself as much as I can.

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    1. I totally agree. I was disappointed with the change but it won’t stop and shouldn’t stop me from doing it. The amount of videos on YouTube that were basically €^%# YouTube was surprising…. just made me a bit disappointed in general. The Instagram algorithm changed so it’s no longer chronological it only shows you the most popular posts

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      1. I hate the Instagram algorithm because it now means I see posts that were published up to 4 days ago, which makes me want to comment and share less. I wish you could switch on a filter as a viewer that allows you to choose between most popular and chronological.

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  2. This was a really amazing post! I also completely agree about doing what you love and then having the money come later, when youtube first started no one was making heaps of money off it at first and it was just for enjoyment, none of the huge beauty vloggers now thought they would ever make a living off of youtube! btw, we have nominated you for a liebster award and you can see our latest post for the tag if you want to participate!

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