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Products I’ve Changed my Mind About | Essence Lash Princess

Mascaras and I are a thing. We have the most abusive relationship you could possibly get with a makeup product. There have been many trials and tribulations, ups and downs, etc etc. I have even kicked them out of my house for months at a time.

One of the  YouTube favourites is the Essence Lash Princess, which can be purchased for about $5 at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. So I clearly picked it up because it was going to change my world. Obviously it didn’t, because as previously mentioned me and 90% of mascaras? Nope. We just don’t get along. Into the drawer it went.


Since starting shop my stash, I have been pulling out products and giving them a second chance.  HOLY HELL am I glad I did!

There is not a laundry list of products that I have made such a violent 180 on, but wowza. This elongates and adds volume while still holding an impressive curl. The brush is thin and easy to work with as well, after about three coats this is where we are at.IMG_2314.JPGIMG_2318.JPG

What are your products that you have changed your mind on? Hated at first, and loved after a revisit? This is why shopping our stashes is so important!

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17 thoughts on “Products I’ve Changed my Mind About | Essence Lash Princess”

  1. The relationship between makeup user & mascara seems to be a fickle thing! What is hard about it too is that mascaras seem to vary so widely between people, even moreso than other types of makeup products – what works for yours doesn’t mean it’ll work for other people.

    With that being said, I’ve heard SO much about this macara but I haven’t tried it myself. Must put more effort into picking this up!

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  2. I think we just started getting essence products in the drugstore where I live, I should really check it out. Maybe there’s a dupe for my better than sex mascara lol

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  3. Glad this worked for you but it was such smudge city for me. 😦
    I changed my mind about the Cover Girl Super Sizer mascara – that one with the itty bitty wand. I hated that wand initially (it was floppy) but after I learned to use it, I really like the effect.

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