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Bright Valentines Makeup | Ft Electric Palette

Happy Valentines day friends! For those of you being chased by a naked child with a weapon please stay safe, and know that just because cupid looks like a kid doesn’t mean he is. He is legitimately a tiny adult wearing a diaper. Be weary.

I thought I would try my hand at a non conventional makeup look for Valentines. I am aware that not everyone likes/celebrates the Vday. I am on the no celebration side of Valentines, even though its technically my husband and I’s anniversary as well.

This is what I came up with!


I never smile in my pictures, not entirely sure why but here we are! Facetune_10-02-2018-12-38-20.JPG

Products are listed below with some instruction 🙂

IMG_2290.JPGFeatured Palette: Urban Decay Electric Palette (No longer available, so shop your stash!)

Step 1: IMG_2289.JPG

Take the shade Savage on a large fluffy brush and blend into the crease higher than you normally would, we are going for big and blown out! If you think its not enough thats okay, we can go back in after and add to it. Always remember, it’s easier to add than to take away.

Step 2: IMG_2285

On a small flat shader brush take the shade Jilted and place it in the inner and outer corner of your eye, leaving the center of your lid blank. Again this is just our base shades, so if they are messy thats okay, we are going to blend blend blend eventually anyway!

IMG_2288.JPGStep 3:

Using the shade Slowburn, pack that on the lid where you left the blank space. If you want this shade to stand out more, use a white base beneath it. (Concealer works too). This is meant to pop out and give more definition to the look. I didn’t use a white base, because well, lazy.

Step 4: IMG_2287.JPG

Use the shade Urban and deepen the outer V and the inner corner, also smudge this same shade along your lower lashline. I personally like my lower lash line to be a bite more ‘aggressive’ but how much you add is obviously entirely up to your creative genius.

Step 5: 

This is where you go back into each shade, and either deepen or blend to your hears content. Do you want the purple to really stand out? The pink, or the coral? Go back into the shades and add more to blend together, and Voila!

Thank you so much for spending some time with me on Valentines day, and I can’t wait to see some of the looks you have created! Please tag me on Instagram to check out your ideas, or if you recreated this look 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Bright Valentines Makeup | Ft Electric Palette”

  1. This is certainly a non-conventional look for Valentine’s Day – I especially like the inner corner eye part.
    Hope you had a good Valentine’s Day – so mushy that it’s also your anniversary! ❤ 😉 We literally ordered in pizza and I just finished drinking Bio – my favourite!

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