The Best High End Highlighters

Good morning all! Wishing you all a fantastic Thursday (and TGIT if you are a Shonda fan)! Did you have a lovely Valentines day? I celebrated by being exhausted and running around like a crazy person all day and night preparing for being a way for the rest of the week. I know sob story. Tough life! At least I am lucky enough to have the life I have. My husband had a great V-day with and was given a large gift bag full of candy. He is a happy boy and that should tide him over while away.

My intention with this post is to bring some (high)light to your day and review my the top 5 highlights that I reach for.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

Sephora $46 (CAD)


I have multiple shades in this formula but these are my three favourites, so we are all this 3! Shown are Amethyst, Champagne Pop and Rose Quartz. I love the way the powder is pressed in these pans, it’s so different and pleasing to the eye.

IMG_2301.JPGThe formula is long wearing, and gives a perfect sheen without being overpowering. Another feature I love with these highlights is they can be built up to be seen from the sky! All important points in a great highlight. These are probably the three best highlighters in my collection. You win this round Becca.

Stila Heavens Hue

Sephora $42


This is not your conventional highlight. It’s not powder, it’s not liquid. It’s putty. It’s mushy… but that is part of it’s charm. (We have that in common). This is the shade kitten, which is a Stila classic and a shade you really can’t go wrong with on any skin tone.


If you are looking for a natural hydrating looking highlight, this is the one you have been looking for! There are two other shades available as well.

What are your favourite highlighters?

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23 thoughts on “The Best High End Highlighters”

  1. Great picks! Becca Prismatic Amethyst is one of my faves too. On the high end side of things I really love the Benefit Dandelion Twinkle, Urban Decay Aura, Hourglass Strobe Light Iridescent Light and my Nars Albatros.

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  2. I love the Becca highlighters. Opal is my fave. I also have Moonstone, Champagne Pop & Rose Gold.

    I love the Lorac highlighters. They’re super soft & can pack a punch.

    Benefit’s Watts Up is another fave. I love the cream to powder formula. It can be subtle or you can build it up.

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  3. Becca is always top of the list. I bought the LE Nars Banc de Sable highlighter palette and it is beautiful. Some honorable mentions: Milk Makeup Holographic Powder quad, Melt Cos Digital Dust highlighting powders, and KVD Metal Crush in Thunderstruck. My go to highlighters lately have all be affordable/drugstore brands.

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      1. I’m not sure but I’ve had my eye on the peach toned blur stick so I’m gonna have to get it. The powders have a soft texture, not powdery or chalky, more silky and they blend well. I like that they aren’t glittery! I can’t do a glittery highlighter. I prefer a sheen which these give off. I caught the quad on sale at Sephora, total score!

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      2. I saw it on sale and had it in my cart and then backed out for some reason. Can you follow me? I’m trying to follow you and it won’t let me! You can unfolllow after if you want I just want to be able to hit the mobile button

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