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What’s new in Makeup | In my cart or just a fart?

Yeah I just wanted that to rhyme, but now that we have it, I am sticking to it.

Let’s start with the farts shall we?

** all photos are courtesy of @trendmood1

IMG_7490Too Faced – Some new Unicorn collection (Life is a Festival)

Alright can we just stop with the unicorns already? We aren’t 12. Well some of us are but I’m not so I’m going to to be passing on this collection. There are countless other duo chrome and multi-coloured highlights on the market right now that I feel like we either have this in our collections already or would be highly annoyed with trying to work that ridiculously shaped packaging into our storage. Why so much packaging waste TF? WHY? Fool me once shame on you, fool me 27 times, shame on me! Not to mention I have seen more than one persons order from this line come in broken from shipping. No Beuno.. POOOOFT. img_7491.png

Kat Von D X Divine

Although the kitty Kat and I are best friends on the whole planet, I’m going to have to pass on this collaboration as well. It doesn’t do anything for me, and the palette does not seem cohesive or wearable. I have probably close to 30 black shades in my collection, a plethora of blues, at least a truck load of basic neon greens… and well, what else is there in here? As for the lipstick. The shade looks okay, and fairly neutral but it bothers me to no end that the packaging is green and won’t match the rest of my studded kiss lipsticks.  What can I say, I’m feeling gassy. TOOOT.

IMG_7484Juvia’s Place Lip Collection

Although this almost had me it’s also going to require some Pepto in the long run. I can dupe all these shades easily, I also don’t have it in me to wait another three weeks for an order from Juvia’s place… (yup still waiting for something I ordered in the beginning of Feb). They could have had me if they had spelled Candace right, just on the basis that I don’t own any makeup named after me, and that in itself is a tragedy. Don’t these companies know who I am? Well it would seem we have that in common because do any of us really know who we are?! Pardon my existential crisis over here.

What’s going to be in my cart?


Pat Macgrath La Vie En Rose

Depending on the price point of this baby, its going to be added to my collection (only the bottom one) The top two have been done, many many times. The shades look beautiful, and if I am going to finally bite the bullet and try out PM shadows or her line in general, I want to be with something that really can pack a punch. Plus we all know the level to which I am a sucker for brightly coloured eyeshadow…. It would seem this is no exception.

IMG_7488Limecrime Venus XL 

This one is sitting on the cusp of being a fart, but for some reason it stays teetering on my mind, I want to give it a try because I actually really like Venus, but then I look again and feel like I should do my due diligence and see if I can match anything  from my current collection. Lets be real it’s just a bunch of warm shades… BUT I WANT IT. I’m also being sucked in by packaging which I swore I wouldn’t do. Part of my attraction to it is that it seems considerably well rounded, after all these unicorn poop releases.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye FoundationIMG_7489

Before you start coming at me with your pitch forks for supporting a brand with a shit shade range… I KNOW. I know it’s shit. No it doesn’t make it okay, but I’m also not going to boycott companies for shitty shade ranges, because that means I won’t have any makeup to wear or review and I will be very sad. The market is shifting, and that is what is important. I currently use the CC cream and the coverage is fantastic. It also does wondrous things for my skin so I will be picking this up and see if we can give that CC cream a run for its money.

IMG_7487UD Double Team Mascara

HELL YES I WILL BE BUYING THIS. 15 year old me is just a screamin’ love for these, it’s about damn time coloured mascaras really make a come back! If done properly this can actually be very pretty and I am pumped to grab these up. I lived for blue mascara for such a long time! The hope is they not only launch these mascaras, but an opaque liquid liner to match each of them. I’m in love with all of the colours and if they are coming out at $30 each I might be in trouble…

I hope you enjoyed this post! What are you going to be adding to your cart? What products are giving you indigestion?!

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21 thoughts on “What’s new in Makeup | In my cart or just a fart?”

  1. Love the title! The entire post had me cracking up but I also find farts hilarious. The only item on your list I want to get my sticky hands on is the Bye Bye Foundation! I love the CC Cream so I’m also curious to see how this compares.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LOL love the title!

    NO to the Unicorn collection from Too Faced. I mean, I can get behind the unicorn theme but unicorns were so 2015-2016…the theme has been done by dozens of other companies already and Too Faced is too late to the game.

    The KVD x Divine is all over the place – like you said, not very cohesive. And the lime green is an eyesore!

    Oh my goshhh that Pat McGrath La Vie en Rose palette is stunning! I wouldn’t have use for any of those colours but look at those bright purples!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well you know I’m passing on that Too Faced unicorn festival thing. Blegh.

    Those Pat McGrath shadows look GORGE but way out of my budget & I’m on a palette no-buy anyway.

    Nothing is really catching my eye lately outside of a Marc Jacobs lipgloss. And I need a new bronzer to rotate with my Benefit Hoola as my Smashbox bronzer bit the big one recently & its a discontinued formula & shade. Eyeing one from Tarte.

    Liked by 1 person

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