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Shop My Stash | KVD Metal Matte

There are so many amazing products I forget about so I am grateful to shop my stash. The Metal Matte palette came out in 2016 and is B-E-A-Utiful, however I never reach for it because I never think about it.

I did this weekend, and holy hell it’s amazing, if Kat Von D was to re-release some palettes my hands are up for this one and the Mi Vida Loca. Are you hearing me Kat? ARE YOU HEARING ME!?!?!?!

I chose to whittle up a look using Nebula, Watt, Ignite and Velour. It’s important to get out of the box sometimes isn’t it? IMG_2886

Velour- With a big fluffy brush, buff this into the crease building up intensity as you go, start small and go big, because you can always add, you can’t always buff it away.

Nebula- pack this on the outer portion of the lid and slowly bring into the center of the lid (It’s intense be wary).

Watt- Pat onto the center of the lid, and over towards the inner corner.

Ignite- Blend into Watt, and into the inner corner.

Using the blending brush, go back into velour and blend all the edges of the lid shades out again. Run a pencil brush with the same shade, along the lower lash line.

I used Bone from the same palette (not pictured) for my brow bone highlight.That was a punny sentence. I’m proud of myself.

Then BAM! IMG_7478.JPGThe real trick to this look being successful? Scotch tape. Put it down to keep your edges clean before you start. Psych– I wish I was that good to have that hard of a cut on a look without assistance from some office supplies

Lashes: Kiss 01 | Lips: ABH Liquid Lip in Heathers

Warning- Do not use Duct Tape, you can and WILL rip the skin off your face.


What palettes have you been shopping in your stash lately? And thanks for reading!

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11 thoughts on “Shop My Stash | KVD Metal Matte”

  1. I use the tape trick all the time because I’m so sloppy when applying my shadow. I just go Animal (as in the Muppet). 😂

    I’m on my palette no-buy again so I’m always shopping my stash. Used the KVD Shade & Light Eye palette yesterday & was reminded how nice it is. I’m constantly grabbing for my Sedona Lace version of the Morphe 35O though. It’s just so friggin good. I’ve hit pan on 2 or 3 shades. I’m trying to use my single shadows that still live in compacts (I’m too lazy to de-pot). Pulled out my NYX Prismatic shadow Mermaid last night and was all “Ooohhh yeah I’m using this mofo tomorrow!” 😂


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